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Gen. Georgo Barstow gave good advioe in a speech on the subject or"IIome." He said every man should owd his own home, if he can. That philosophy which tells a man to drift over the uncertain life without a home, is liko a ship out in the open Bes, at the hazard of the storm. A man who owna his home ia like a ship tbat has arrived in port, and is moored in a safe harbor. One man should be no more content to live in a home that is not bis own, if he can build one, than one bird should take the risk of hatching in another one's nest ; and, for my own part, I would rathcr be able to own a cottage than to hire a palace. I would say to every man, buy a home if you can, and own it. If a windfall has come to you, buy a home. Do not let anybody tempt you to put all your earnings back into the pool. Take out enough to buy a borne, and buy it. Put the rest baok if you will ; gamble on it if you must ; bat buy the home first. Buy it, and sell it not. Then the roses that bloom there are yours ; the clemaotis and jasmine that dimb upon the poroh belong to you. You have planted thoiu, and seen thera grow. When you are at work upon tbem, you are not working for others. If there are ohildren, there are flowers within the house and without. Buy a home.