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HALLS BALSAM Cores Coldt, Pneumonía, Bronchitis, Asthma, Croup, Whooping Cough, and 11 diseases of the Breathing Organs. Itsoothes and heals the Hembrane of the Lungs, inflamed and poisoned bj the digease, and prerents the nightsweaU ant tightness across the rliost whichaeoompanjit. CONSUMPTION Is not an Incurable in al ad y. It is only necpsaarr to hare the risrht remedy, and HA LIS BALSAM ts fhat rcmody. DON'T DESPAIR OF BELIEF, fr thlg lx nijfn gpeeifle wül cnre tou, ren thoogU professional aid fafls. HENRYS CARBOLIC SALVE the Most Powerful Healing Agent ever Discovered. lltnryi ( arbotie Bal curt the u-orn Iltnry't CorbolU Bal- allayê the pain burm. Htnry't Carbolic Salve nru all erupWtt llenry'r Carttolie Bmlvt html pimplrt and bletehew. lltitry't Car bolle Salve icill euv eutt and tmiin. Ak for Heary'i, and Tke No Othrr. tr bkwark or oouTariaTa. jg FOK ,-AIJt HY Al.L DBl'ikilKI'i). JOHN V. MK..VI1 V, CUBRAN de CO., 4 Callee Place, New Vork. 901-iou-ouw ANTON EISELE, DEALER IS MME m MIMESIS Tbe public la Invlted to cal) and oxtmiuc pccIdiudb nf the colebrated KNOXVILLE,TENN.,MARBLE Of whlch we have %. opply of now dualsnt. It ie 8u pertor to ny mrblu In beanty nnd duranllity, and Ukei the place of Scotch Qranlte. PRICES LOWER III V I I !L. WORK ALL WAKIIANTED. Shop ('or. or Detroit and Catheriue Sts. ANN AKDUK, MICHIGAN. D1SÜ To Inventors and Mechanics. Fatent and How to Obcalu Ihem. I'anipblta of 60 pagea ftve, upon rocutpt oí Umi for iwik.r'. Addreas GILMORE, SM1TII "., Sollcltor of PiitentK, Box 8), Wat WahinLtou. D. C. A IJ. KINDS OF BLANKS PK1NTEH OM BHOHT MUT1UK Ai TUE COUKIEK JOB KUUMS.