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Odorless Floralis

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The HOMESTKAD, %ggS SUPERPHOSPHATl ftiHt uw Out work are among the rtMÉÊÊÊÊ&Ê HoJ8gljSyJ?'?BgMBUteÈL n the country, and have ItjjJlJPBgMf I %ffiK, n!i7'-t-1 At the L.wcst Price. iS" i , rH on amount of cfcpltal tnvwted in th. 1ÍOMERTEA D w, art muc I, m ' KVn UsTiigli charter mImM iln anv individué nurchascr could powibly be, and this fa. I ¦ ¦'""""= mcrthatevery pound he buys is alfthat is rcures.nt. d. tUmngsubstancc contains 80 per cent. of phnsphate or lime ¦ kUMyjl f. per cent. conuined in a bones, and in w.ll kn jwii v - .niimiilMi XHfffll il Lr ï pricc in F.uropean markets that but very frw m .t.ii! .. ,.rn of leruluo -STOBfW f f F d thi. country use il. Allhough the HOMKS 1 t.Al) r..t lizer costs n morr TidSiJL [ la manufacture than f prrpared of the matenah generally uied, we jhatl AflW Ni linueit prcent high andard, and place 00 the Piarkel a senuine, pure Bm.cJ TKïïÈiX Almom, Mich., June 18, 1879. jfflHkK% HH Mickiran Carian ll'vrkt, Detroit, Mich.: ff WyLT tt Íntlfmkn;- Pleanoticetheeiiclo5e! photo,,,!, f het cm fti-111 S'Sjjijf, --vjBVi Ihe Mc lengthof drill seven inches apart- mpcrjjhusph 11e m fV lga-K feÊÊDT nhate Draw yoiir own'com hisions whifh Is Which. ''f course tl, 1. f HüivA. htKT 111e mote difference than the field viU ayer.gc; but th.s shus h#t ' ggft IN phoiphale will doon vcry poor soil. Tlus was cut from a very peor spot. -¦¦( ' " ¦ I bu ech had the same chance with th on excption lt was. cut 12O1 of JMjMJ Bfei une, howj the earlinessof that fertiliíed. I have the best piece of barley i iMBT ti ection- 100 It. iuperphosphte per acre sown on wheat slubble. 1 he HHBIB (2Kfa)B best firmen hete are laking note of lhce thuig-.. cry ru'y. ..R,.,T -"SjÉPÜBi C Mdia, OrleansCo., N. Y.. August 7U1, 1879. SSnDiW Michigan Carhtrn Works : BUuiN Guntlkmin:- Knclosed picase find photograph of somc b.iriey. S B&t This 1)rl:)' wrls Srown on A. H. Poler's farm, fbur mileí loüth uf Medina, ¦v8 1 , nade a frame fbur feet square and set t in the standing eraln on the ' ' jtj HHB'z dayof its bdngcut. I the cut and gathcred all that stood wttnln theframe tsWB of e.nch, wher 'here wai jiliosphate n. where ther. was no pliasprute. 1 I ÊËfVfrMÊnËf llct it lay in ttie sun one day to cure, then wcibed each biuidlc as yon sec il on the photograph. tti lyrCMI The phosph.ue was put down wilh the secd with a fertihring drill, the Bl BfFL jWBK teeth being six incliss apart. These nmutlei wer cut He ly sidr. onty lix Ptl3Sa ¦ inches port. Th one on the leftof the Bhiilojgraph h..d uu phupli.ite, and ilLl BB weighed twelve mineer. 'l"hc onc on thr ¦ ' tuindrcd :hh! 'B m -GS9 DK, forty pouiulsof the Horaeitcad Superphi.splj . re, and wciglicd WCfti. VflKnE twopounds and fonrteen ounces to thefour feet square. Tis is corrtct. HBFyl.JB Htil A. H. l'oler also xperimemed on corn, , e-, .uut winter wheat with aj 'M I ASj 1T_ good rcsults ..n each on hit hariey. - Oí coiirse, he has not luiryemted lui K 'it HSBflBflML urn hut it stands sixtccn inches hiher than the rest of the corn, ajld caxJPjJffH IJP ing one-half better. Vour respectfnlly, GEO. W. POI.ER. ACTUAL BESULTS AT OUR SEED FAEM ON LETTUCE SEED. fomestead produced 538 lbs. per acre. 116 Ibs. oflettucc seed, at $1.35 f145 o here none wa used 467' 560 los. of Uome.tead, at 4O peí ton. ¦¦ 11 M in favor of Homestead. 116 " " " Actual profit per acre ...4lll i."jx:iin"s" do co. Snaor Ctrculars gwinf uit reforts 0 rtsuts, and alt parttcvlart m rtgar to ust. In placea where we have do authorized agent, a barrel of 200 Iba. will ba tent on reoeipt of $4. . j "' Preparad Expresily for Lawns, Flower Gardens, Fot ana Hoase runli. DIRECTIONS.- Use three tablwpoonful i of Iht: mnure to a jallon of water. Steep twelre hourj bclbrc uling, and kcep wcll itirrcd while bcing applicd. Do not apply oftener than onre m two weekj. f Box containing lo Ibt .fi co PRICES,- " " 5 " ¦¦¦ ( " " 50 " 4 00 Sent nywhere in the United Statci or Canada, by cipresï .ir frtiht, 011 rctc]]t of cjh onlcrs. MICHiaAN OABBCN WOEES, Detroit, MicL ;d Afruti WanteU ín t.vttry lo 11.