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Don't Be Too Sensitive

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lüeroare manypeople, yes, uiany pcoplo - always looking out for slights. They oannot carry on the daily intercourse of the family without fiuding that some offenfe is designed. They are as touchy as hair triggers. If they meet an acquaintance who happens to be occupied with business they attribute his abstraction, in some mode personal to themselves and take umbrage accordingly. They lay on others the fruit of their irritability. Indigestión makes thepi see inipiTtiiicnce in every one they come in contact with. Innocent persons, who never dreamed of gi ving offense are astonished to find some unfortunate word or momentary taciturnity taken for an insult. Tosay the least the habit is unfortunate. It is far wiser to take the more charitable view of our fellow-beings, and not suppose that a slight in intendod unless theneglect is open and direct. Afler all, too, life takes its hues in a great degree from the oolor of our own mind, if' we are frank and generous, the world treats us kindly ; if, on the contrary, we are suipioious, men learn to be cold and cautious to us. Let a per.son get ,be reputation of being " touohy," and evrybody is under restraint and in this way lie chances of an imaginary offense are greatly increased. Hon. Eugene Schuyler writes from Rome hat he has received proposals from Messrs. :oseph Seligam & Company, the wellcnown publishers at Stockholm, Sweden, 'or permissioD to translate and publish his fe of Peter th Groat, now running in Scribner's Monthly, in the Swedish lanuage, and from the house of Schmitzdorff 't Co., St Petersburg, for permission to ulilisli in the Russian language. It is irobable, that, on its completion in Scribler, the work will bo published simultaniou9ly in at least five oountries, and perïaps more. They who are ignorantly devoted to the mere ceremonie of religión are fallen into hiok darkness ; but they are in still thicker ;loom who are eolely attached to fruitless peculations.