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t There are 62 telephones in the exehange ; at Muskegon. The Roscommon Pioneer man receives pigeons Sunday evening. Tawas City shipped over $1,800,000 feet of lumber the first week in May. The Shiawassee Baptist associatiun will ; conveiifi "t Williamston June 2d. t Rev. Jas. White, the head of' the Bat tle Creek adveutists, has reaigned. ! Muskegon has six ferry tugs, five boom tugs and seven harbor tugs, 18 in all. ' 100 buildings have been or are in the pro[ cess of erection at Petofckey since Jan. lst. , H. R. Pattengill is retained at the head of the Ithaca union school at $1,000 salary. : Elillsdale qdd fellows recently celebrated the 61st anniversary of' the order in America. Rev. P. E. Kittrege becomes the Unitarian state missionary at a salary of $2,000. The Kent county saloon keepers have paid $25,000 into the treasury of that county. The dead-lock in the Jaekson couneil was broken by the election of a republican as president. Rev. W. H. Utley, of Stanton, formerly of' Pontiac, has been "called" to Fort Scott, Kansas. The wife of Mr. Chase, editor of the E art Review, was removed by the hand of death a few days since. The Battle Creek school furniture company receutly ehipped 1,000 seats to Chicago for one school house. Wni. Carter, of Litchfield, Hillsdale county, died recently, aged 80 years. He canio to this place in 1838. Another new newspaper. This time at Manitiquc, culled the 8choolcraft County Pioneer, V. E. Clark pubiisher. A circus crew and a lot of Holly roughs had a fierce battle last Friday. As uoual the circus "fellers" came out ahead. The liorse trot will be held at Battle Creek on the lst, 2d, 3d and 4th of June, even if' her hotels have been burned down. If the papers throuehout the state don't stop styling Miss Mead, the elocutionist, "Ella Jane," they will probably hear f'rom her. At Spring Arbor one Ben Thomas tried to pull his gun after him by the muzzle. He never'll do so again, for it killed him -tuno dead. Howell is experiencing quite a building boom this seaton. She is to have some eight or nine new brick stores and a large number of dwelling houses. A croquet set, ba.e ball bat, fishing rod, Indian club, eto. manufactuiing company at Hastings, bave to run day and night to fill SprinS Sa ctatol. „ xipena guaras, sixty in number, are to have new uniforma at a cost of $2,000. The honorary members are to raise $800 and the fighting members $1,200. The body of Lottie Smith, an insane girl uitssing from 272 Congress street, east, since the 22d of last March, was discovered floating in the Detroit River last week. Bellevue has been botbered with burglars to such an extent that the Gazette man calis for a nightwatch who will "shoot 'um on the spot," if they catch them stealing. The last of the famous Jaekson "smashup," Mrs. J. Steele, left that city for Chicago recently. The M. C. R. R. has had to pay about $4,000 to heal heriijuries, it is said. Philip A. Bedaour and Chas. S. Platz, printers on the Presque Isle paper, feil out of a swing from some 30 feet in height, at Rogers City, last Friday, and were seriously injured. Elizabeth Comstock, the Quaker missionary of Michigan, has visited 1 15.000 convicts ip hor :- , -J "? uods tnai los.oouot them were brought to pnson through drunkenness. Grand Haven has raised the liquor bonds to $8,000, and will allow no personB name on more than one bond. The city boasts of only four saloons at present. All railroads leading to Flint have agreed, it is stated, to carry passengers attending the band tournament on the 8th 9th and lOth of June, at half fare. Let's all go and hear the boys toot their bugles. The Pioneer-Magnet, of Big Rapids, severely scolds the young rowdies who disturb the audiences at entertainments. That's right. Just come over to Ann Arbor and fire a blast or two for ua. Mayor Thompson, of Detroit, is being soundly flayed by the Republican jouroals in Detroit and throughout the state for the cour8C ho took in advising the liquor interests to contest the present law of the state. The Edmore village counoil recently fixed bonds of saloon keepers at $3,000, and also gave them the privilege of paying $100 additional tax into the village treasury. The result was that only one bond w;is filed. 'Vn', Saginaw pcople are quarreling over the 8eleclion of a course for the annual regetta to be held there thia season, and all acquatic interests are patiently waiting for them to fight it out and settle down to business. The Cassapolis Vigilant speaks of an annual nuisance of dead fish upnn the shores of Stone lake, near that place, and as the cause of the annual deciniation is unknown, it is suggested that the statfl fish commissioners investígate. The board of control of the new reform sohool for girls, held its animal meeting at Adrián reoently and selected Mrs. S. A. Fullcr, of Grand Rapids, president ; Miss Emma Hall, of Flint, secretary ; and W. EL Waldby, of Adrián, treasurer. Henry Mason, of Bay City, thought it was very funny to tease a big dog by pulling his ears and snarling cloi-e to the animal's face. The dog didn't think so, and chewed Henry's face so that hercafter he will be a nice thing to gaze upon. Albert C. Shaw being detected in forgery at Hersey, last week Wednesday, was arrested and being permitted to step into an adjoining room f'or a few uionients, pulled out. a revolver and shot himselt dead. Lyon & Son, of Fliut, are prominent among" the victims. The Muskegon box factory burned to the ground recently, together with' quite an auiount of luiuber. Loss on building, xnachinery, lumber, ota, $0,500, with $2,000 insurance only ofi machinery. Twenty-five of the hands are already engaged in ïebuilding the factory. The Oceana County Journal pblisbed at Hart, urges upon the citizcns of' that place the Decessity of better firo extin guishing facilities. It advises the erection of' a large water tank apon an eininence, to bo filled by a windmill, froui whieh pipes could be run to different portions of the place. The sixtli annual state conyention of fircnien was held at Grand Ilapids on the 5th inst., and was quite fully attended. The following offieers were chosen for the ensung year: President, Clark Cornwell of Ypsilanti ; vico-presidenta, J. W. nionds of Lansing, H. J. Drake of Coldwater, P. J. Connell of Muskegon ; secre5 tary, S. D. Pond, of Allegan ; treasurer, VV. H. Mason, Battle Creek ; statistician, 9 Dr. E. Boutwell, ïpsilanti ; delégate to national convention, Thos. O Niel, Kalnmat zoa TheBigRapidsCurrent rejoiceth exeeedI ingly over the completion of tlie Detroit, Lansing and Northern railroad to that place. The laying of the iron was oom' plctcd May 6th, and the Current say.s if Detroit does her part, a greater portion of i their trade whieh has all heretofore gone to Chicago, will be given to her. ¦ The village board of Baldwin township in which East 'J'awas is located, made the saloon keepers give good bonds for $3,000, ¦ and were so very particular about it that bondsmen have not as yet been f'ound. [ And so the moderate drinker and itumode. rato drinker both have to go dry there, says the Iosbo County Gazette. The farmers on the "lake shorc," so called, near Holland, in Ottawa cüimty, are making vast improvementa, and the hereulean efforts being made in stump-pulling, transfers this región from an uninvitipg wilderness to a beautiful farming region under a high state of cultivation. The new wheat erop looks beautiful. - Holland .New. Sanford Kelley, postmaster and expre.-s agent of Woodstock, entered the eais on the D., H. & 8. W. railroad at Brooklyn Thursday evening to go to his home. He shook hands cheerfully with aequainfances saying he never feit better in his life. Soon he sank down and was caught by conductor Rice and in a few niomeuts died íq his aruis. He was 80 years of age ami an estimable citizen. Rensalaer McOutch-on, f'ntHor of Hons. I. D., judge of probate of Eaton county, and S. HL, representative in the legislatura from Iosco couoty, committed suicide by strangulation at the residence of the former, at Charlotte, rccently. Insanity is said to be the cause of the rash act. This was caused by a disease from which he has been a constant sufferer f'or four years. Mr. McCutcheon was a pioneer of Calhoun pounty, and moved from Tompkins county, N. Y., to Albion, in 1847. It is stated that recently a hen's eeg was found in the farm barn of Capt. Keeler, near Steveuaville, Berrien county, which bore in large letters, the words: "War, 1881," also the picture of a soldier with agun in his hands. It is creating great excitement among superstitious people, and it is reported that Keeler has been offered and refused $1,500 for the curiosity. But theo it isn't so wonderful after all, for we have in our possession one with any quantity of pictures and three times as much reading on it. The Toledo and Port Austin railroad scheme is believed by the people of Oxford, Mich., to be almost a certainty. The grade of the road has been taken from in to graae tne éntlre route ñuw Tuicïlöto Port Austin. Several of the prominent citizens of Oxford in company with gentlemen on the line, start for New York city next weck to make arrangements in money matters, and if they succeed as they expeet to, the road is a certainty. The proposed route will pass through Oxford, thence to Dryden and from there to Port Austin, striking Burnsido and Marlette square in the eye. - North Branch Gazette. The pauper statistics ot this state may be of some interest to our readers, so we have prepared the following table. The faet that so few women are paupers would be an argument for the women's rights folks, that they can care for themselves better that the men can : No. of paupers In poor houses 7,8Oi Increase over 1878 of _ 728. Average nnmber maiutalned 1,975.70 Decrease of. 93.9i No. of male paupers 6,340. No. of female jauper 1,4(15. Proportion of male paapers ovor 1S7H 641. Proportlon oí male paupers over 1877 1,557. Decrcane of female pauper over 178 38. Uecreano of female paupers over 1877 25'A Decreawe fór the year .". "iï, No. of for 1879 448. Decrease for the year 80. Average nutnber maintaiuod 348. No. of idiotie paapere 237. No. of blind paupers 60. No. of mnte paupers '22. No. of Americana _ 4,li3. No. of Bnelish 432. No. of Irlsh 1,431. No. of Germán t72. Other nationalities 1,107. No. of births in poor houses in 1879 76. Ol which the illegitimate wcre 5. No. of deaths during the year ïfi. Temporary relief has been extended to... 34,379. Number of paupers maintalned outttide of poor houses 1,950. Increase over 1878 of. _... 700l Total number of persons receiving aselstance In any form during 1879 45,151. Total amount expended therefore $050,290.01 Which 13 less than for 1878 by 33,301.27 The per capita coat of maiutenance 26.7S Estimated value of paupers' labor 8,320.00 Valué of farm products 65,817.16 Value of farm products sold 14,871.2 Estimated value of farm buildings and appurtenances 707,771.27 An increase over 1878 of. 14,555.81