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A Novel Strawberry Bed

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A uew way to raise atrawberries is to tukc a large barrel or cask, bore inch and-a half'or two-inch holes 8 or 10 inclies apart, up and down and around the barrel, theu as t is filled with good soil, placo the plants in the holes, being careftil to have the roots well iuibedded in the carth. Place the barrel or oask in soiue convenient place where itwill have plenty of sunshine. Throw on euough suds and slops i'roui the kitchen to keep the soil in the barrel sufficently moist, and you have a strawberry bed on a small scale that we are informod will give you an exiraordinary yield and that will require but little labor to keep in good condition. There are no weeds to bother, and as the runners cannot tako root, it is an easy matter to clip theui off, which is about all there is to do except to piek the berries', and this is a uiuch casicr task than when the berries are on the ground. It is said that one hogshead has been known to yield six bushels of fruit in a single season.