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Josh Billings On Marriage

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Sum maarry because thej' think wiminin wil! be acaree next year, and live to wonder bow tho erop holds out. Sum maarry to git rid of theniselves and discover that the game was one that two could play at and neither win. Sum inaarry fer love without a cent in their pockets, nor a Frien3 in tho world, nor a urop of pedigree. Tliis looks datpe rate, but it is the strength of the game. Sum maarry in haste and then sit down and think it carefully over. Sum think it carefully over lust, añil then sit down and maarry. No man can tell etaotly where he wil fetch up when he touches calicó. No man can toll what calicó has made up her mind to dew. Calicó don't know hersclf. Dry goods of all kinds is the child of circuinstances. Marriage is a safe way to ganiblo ; if you win, you win a pile, and if you lose, you os( lose anything. Keep tho tongue from unkindness. Words aro sometimes wounds ; not very deep wounds always, and yet they irrítate. Speech is unkind sometimes when there is no uukindness in the heart. So much the worse that needless wouuds are inflicted ; 80 much the worse that unintcntionally pain is caused.