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Our patli is to bo upward from the start : there ia no grade downwards on the road that lcads to Bod. Hè calis (o us from abovo. No soul was ever lost beennse ita fresh boginniDgs broke down ; but thousaods of souls have beeo lost beeause tliey would not make fresh begiiining!. Whilewo wranglü ln:ro in tbedark, we are dying and pa-isiug tu tho world that will decide all our controverses; and the eafest passage thithcr is by peaceable holiness. Christ neither shunned nor condeinned tliosc who hnd fallen low in sin. Why should not C'hristians be as charitable to the etWgt and as ready tü help them as he was. Looking at difBculties wilh an cyeof sense more tlian at precentsand jirouiises with an eye of fuith, is at thé bottom of all our inordinate fearn, both :is to publio and personal concerns. If thou desire to seo tliv ohild virtuous, lut hiiu not see bis fathor's devices; thou ounst not rebukc tbu in ehildren that they bchold in thee (II reason be ripe, examines direct more tlian preoepU . such as thy behnvior is I cfore thy children's faces, coniiiionly is tlieirs liehind their parents' bapk. (ienuine politeness should flow as the hcart dictates and ;is nature leaohes ; and nature knows iid ifFertioö, lut a charnuDg and unstudicd siuiplieity. Childhood, ínowinj; notliing of the future, imagines it to be "golden ace," and mankind, having failed 60 Bod pert'eet bappine-'-, iiiianini ¦- thai il i on!y attained in childhood. Wbiit the gently dixtiiled ! w óf Heaven is to the plants and flowérs, so is the kind voice of sympathy tothebosom that heaves undor the preñare of lil'e'n accumulated sorrows and afflictions.