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What Washtenaw Republicans Will Do

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The Adrián Times wants to know what the Washtenaw republicans are going todo in the event of Gen. Grant's nomination? GoiDg to do? Why, just what all gooc republicans everywhere will do : turn in and help elect him, of coursc. While the republicans of this county are very decided in their preference for Blaine, they are just as decided in their aversión of any democrat who wil be notninated at Cincinnati. They want Mr. Blaine for president, but if all honoroMn moAna fail in nnminnto him. nr the niajority of the delcgatcs at Chicago decide that some other man be a better one to uphold the republican banner of 1880, then they will cheerfully submit to the wil of the majority. And they will march in the same oíd solid columns to the polla, and roll up one of the same oíd majorities they have been wont to do in times gone past - only much better. Washtenaw republicans may have personal choice among the candidates, but they are republicans firat, last, and all the time, and when the party in convention speak, they bow to the decisión, believing firmly in the republican doctrine that the majority shall rule. They will vote the straight republican ticket, and place Washtenaw among the standard republican counties, that's what they wil] do, Bro. Times.