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The Ann Arbor Courier

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FRIDAY, MAY 14, 1880. Cloalne and Opening of malla. Mails leavlng Ann Artnir, Rast and West, wlll 'close as followH : UUIN'f WK8T. Way Mali ":3U a. m. rhr"ou{h and Way Muil ld:JUa. m.iiud 4:50p. m. u-ay Mail between Ann Arbor aud Jnc-koon 4:50 Jhlcago aud bayond r.JO p. m. GO IN O KAST. Jetrolt poucli ":) a. m. fhiounh .in.l Wuy M-ul 10:25 a. in., 4:50 p. m. Kastern Muil ditntjutud al 8 aud 10 a. m., 19 m. and hSO p. ui. Wattera Mali dlatributod at6:.W Chicago MhII dibtrllmted at 8 a. m. Jaokwm Mali and Way Mail betweeu Jackou aiul Ann Arbor dlstrlbmed at 11 a. m. Muil iy Toledo Etallroad sIomi at 11:10 a. m. roledo Rallroad Hall dutrtbuted at:U0a. m. exct'pi Batarday evenlnx, whien it is disLribuUxl before llio ollU-e oloaa. The muil to Wliitiuore Lake, Webster and BrlKl'Um laave Tuendays, Tnursdays uud aturduys at i a. in., and is reoelved from these places Moiniiiys, Wedneadaya and Krldays at four o'clook p. in. CUAS. O. CLARK, P. M. Travelera' Ualde. Tralns arrlve and depart from the Michigan i!eutral Uepi)t lu thls city as folluw : TRAINS KA3T. Allantlc Kxpress 2.05 a. m. Night Kxpreas .46 a. m. jHCkxou AiiomiiKKlatiou 8.4Sa. in. Uraud Raplds Expruss 1U.35 a. in. Day Expres 5.10 p. m. Mali. ... WWp.m. TRAINS WBST. Muil 8.40 a. m. Day Express 11.00 a.m. Uraud Ruplds Express 5.20 p. in. }Mkon lupreai 7.35 p. m. K.vemuï K.xpros 9.3 p. m. PiCiflc Express 11.20 p. m. All tralus are run by Chicago time. wliirli Is tlftffii minutes slower than Aun Arbor lime. KiifinlH of The CnurliT, n lm have huxlnrw at "'¦ Frobate 4'ourt. ill ilkUHk rfiiucMt Judu llarrinian to ¦ml thelr l'iinl iuie to tliin olllce.