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Prof. Tyler was in Detroit the first part of the week attending the republican convention. Itemember that to-morrow is h'eldday. The exercises will take placo on the fair grounds both morning and afternoon. The juniors have decided to appear in public shaded by plugs. Won't some of them look funny under tlieir tall tiles ! Prof. Steere delivered a lccture in Northville Friday evening. on Formosa. It was for the benefit of the high school there. Some of the citizens of Detroit are niaking arrangements for a banquet whieh will be given to President Angelí beforehis departure. Miss Meade will givo readings at the hall this evening for the benefit of the adelphi literary sooiety. The procecds will help to pay for their piano. The invitations for the reception to be given at the Psi Upsilon Chapter house on Wednesday evening, May 26, have just appeared and are very elegant. A junior made the statement the other day in one of the classes in English history that üeorge III wheh insane, was deprived of all social enjoyment, sueh as#knife, fork and razor. Last Friday evening Prof. Harrington gave his astronomy class a chance to discover cometa with the large telescopc. Up to date we have not received a report as to how uiany were caught. The challenge received by the sophoniore olass, was rejected last week because the class had formerly resolved to play by Rugby rules and with eleven men on a side, and the challenge was to play class to class. Tho homeopathie hospital, after some trouble, at last has a name. Prof. Franklin objected to its being callcd the homeopathie hospital, so the sign will read homeopathie free dispensary and hospital. The officers recently elected by the S. L. A. had to go down into their pockets to pay for a supper, in order to satisfy the rapacities and to fill the capacities of the old board. The banquet eame off Friday night. Mr. Lederle, of Stevens Instituto of Technology, a brother of Mr. Lederle in the junior class, spent Saturday evening in the city. He returned to Detroit Sunday morning and will immediately go upou the lake survey. The pharmios amuse thcuiselves between recitations by lassoing gophers. It is done in this way : A noose is made with a piece of string and put around the hole of some gopher, then the enterprising hunter goes off to a Httle distance and when the little fellow sticks his head up out of the hole the string is pulled and the game is caught.