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luí) JÉ. xj( CDMPOUND SYRUP )w '.VASTINQ DISEA.SES, 80CH Art hm.i. Bronchitis, Consnmption, Itrain i:liiiii-.i ion, Chronic Congtlliit lint. 'lironic IMiirrhiiii, l iciia or liiMH of asTEievoirs poweb, Are pogilively and gpeedily carcd by Fellows' Compound Syrup of Hypophosphites The merlt of this remarkable rcmcdy 1b due to lts .:¦ iropi:rty of reatoriug tho wasted tingues of body to Iheir oriiial ünuness and Tior. lt is wJ! knüwii thttt lur cvury thouht and action üicre lelleath or deoiy of au amount of material proporli to the magnitade of the thought or aciion. This waste is eupplied by the urtimpaired nutritive functioiiK. The precocious actlvlty of yooths, the cntbneiabtlc gtruglc for woalth imd fame iu the ralddlt' aged, and old ai;e itself canee an undue decay of material i.iTTone force. PRO8TRATION. Kdwln Clay, of Pugwash, Nova Scotia, writcs as follwau . „ , , M I MK9 I. FkLI.OVH, Oír,- ir eatablinhment, carefully axamUn jout ; raatfNyilOBBi and the raathod 'f prepwlng your Coapoand Svrup of Hypophoephitea, I felt aoxious to give tt a fair trial Id my practfce. For the I act nioiithtü I have done fio. and flnd that in inclpient coneamptlon, and other atacases of the thnmt and laugs, it bas doue wonders. In restoring persona MilVernit; f rom tbe eflVet of diptheria, and the cough followtng typhoid tever, prevalent in this región, It is tbu best remedial fcffent I bave ever ued But for persons suffering from exhanation of the powi-rs of the hrain and nervous sBtem, frora lotsL'-contlinu'd study or teaching, or in tboee casen of exhaustion from which so many yoang men miifyr 1 know of n bettör medicine for re.-toratiou to h;ith thftO your Compouad Byrup oí Hypophosphites. bi G. Addy, M. D., Si John, N. B., wrftet afl follows: Mr. James I. Fkllows, ChemUt, Dear Sir, Havin? ueed your Componnd Synip of Hypophopphitei for sotne time in my practice, I bave no heeiUtion in recommending ittomy patiënte wbo ari' yufferinp from ifneral deblüty, or any dlweaee of the luni knowin' tbat, evcu in caaee atitrly bopelees, it afforde relief. ¦ 3üLD BY ALL DRUQGI3TS. Prick $1.50 Per Bottlb. ;l r' '.) Br ow 11 A Co., Agent s, Ann Arbor. lastüT Millions f Mothers cxpross thclr dolight trr Cnstoriu. It is nal ure's reuiedy for iiiimilatiug tho food. ünlike Castor O, t is pleasaul to lakiMimi nnlike Morpliini' Syjrups, it ig harinluss. Oastorla regulatcs tlK1 lioiveN, dpstroys Worins, Cures SOUR CURD AND WIND COLIC, itl iiliijs FeverisUuoss. What gives lieali ii to the Chlld proraotes rest for the Mother. Chlldreu cry for l'ltcher's Castoria. It l.s the most rellable, effect i e and popular article dispeused !¦ Drngrgists. NEVER Sfnco healing remedies have been nsed by surmniMG man haa tlicru hirnn kuwn such absolute Jaiu-rOlieving?enUK the CENTAUR LINIMENTS. Thoy sootho. heal and cure. They HE. II,- Cuta, Woonds, Galla, Oíd 8orw, Broken Breaste and Sore Nipplos ; C17RE- Pain In the Back, Rhuraatism, Sciatlca, Lumbago, Neuralgia, Eaxacbe, Tctter, Pimples, Itch, Ralt Hheum, otl all fleah, bouc and rnusclc ailments of Animale ; SUBDUK-Inflammatlon nd Swc!llng9; HBLIKVE- Bolls, Felona, Ulcere, Sore Throat, Bronchitis, Croup and Quinsy; Pain from Burns, Scalds, Stlngs, Froetbitea, Spraius and Bruiset . The experience of centurios bas made the CENTAUR Liniimnita the must epeedy and effective curntive agente for MAN and BEAST the world bas ever kuown, The Centaur LINIMENTS have relleved more bed-rldden Crlpple ; h.Kl.d frixluful wounda. nd saved more valuablo animal than all olhcr llulmeoU, ointnunts, olie, extracts, piasters and so-callcd "pain killers" and "8kln cures" combined. riiyxictan and Veterinary Surgeons endorse the Centaur Llulinenta : mllllouB of men, wiioiuu ind children In all countries imc them, and Honsekeepers, Farmers, Plantere, TraveUrs, Llverymen, Teamsters and Stock-growers, are theli patrons. Tbey are cleau, they are liaudy, they are clieap, and they are rellable. There Is no ache, pain, or nlllui; which they will not alleviate. subdue. orcure. Sold throogbout THK IIAII1T VltMC GLOBE for 50 rrnta and $1.00 a bottle. Trial bottles, 25 cents. Catarrhal P01S0N ¦Wel Do tteyer'n Treatiae on Catarrli explains the following important facts : 1. That Catarrhal Coldt become a poUonout inin, ut flrst local, and flnally corutüutional. 2, That, bclng Conetltotlonal, the infection is 6eyond the reach of mere local remedies. 8, Thai impurities in tbe nostrils are necessarily swüllowcL Into the somach and Inhaled lnto the lurtgx, thus puisoning the Digestive, Hespiratory and Genito-Drinary organs. 4. Tliat Catarrhal virut follows the mucons membrane and canses Deafnett, Dyspepsla, Chromc IHarrhwa, Bronchitis, Leacorrbcea, and Consump Qon. 5. nal Smokt, Douches, Inhalations, and Insolnble SuulF?, cannot possiUy remove infcctlons inflammation from the organs named, 6. That an antidote for Catarrh mnsc possesfl an an inoatlatïve afHulty for, and the quality of belnt; abtorbed by, the pnrnlent mucons wherever located. liiiMil upon these piain theories, Dr. Wei De Mcyer's Catarrli Cnre bas proïexl to i)c Iiifiilllljlo. It not only relieves, t cnre.s Cntarrli at any stae. Home testiiiimi j : Cured! Cured! Cured! Cured! W. D. Woods, 487 Broadway, N. Y., Cnred of Chronlc Catarrh. P. J. Haslett, 859 Broadway, N. Y., 4 years Catarrh. G. L. Brnnh, 413 Broadwuy, M. Y., 10 years Catarrh. 8. Brnedirt, Tr., Jowclcr. B97 Brnadway, N. Y., (lady frlendj, c.un-d pJ Jhrunic H:iy Fever. Mrs. EmmaC. Bnwës, 8S W. Washington Square, N. Y., cnred of 30 years Chrooic Catarrh. o. A. Rei, 169 Jay St., Brooklyn. "It restored me to my ministerial labore. 'r Rev. Chus. .1. Jones, New Brighton, S. I. " Worth ten times the cimt." Rev. Alex. Frees, Cairo, N. Y. " It bas worked wondere in siz cases In my paris h" I.. K Newmin, 305 Fulton St., Brooklyn, cnred of 4 years Chronic Catarrh. Mr.J.8wartz,Jr.,2nl Warren St., Jersey City, cnred of 1 yiars Chronic Catarrh. .te. &c. &c. &c. &c. A real ure for this terrible malady is tbc most important discovcry for the relief of human suffering since vaoclnation. Wei Ie llrjrr' Catarrh Cure is sold by all Drnsgiats, or delivered by D. B. Dewit & Co., 46 Dey St., N. Y., for S1.SO paclute. To Clubs, lx packages for 7. 5O. lr. Wei !¦ HejT"MTreatlMe, wlthfollexplanatiunr and overwhelming proofp, in pOMt-paid aud sent free to anybody. 952-1UOÜ- eow FARM TOR SALE. I will scll flfty acres of land, on the sonth slde of theroad, including brlck house, twu barns and carrlage house ; or cichty-suven acrs ön the north slde of the road, IncludinK the J. Wlng place, with good bnlldlngs; or will sell the whole farm combined, as purclmsi.T may dexlre. The land is located on the Dexter road, three and onchalf miles west of Ann Arbor City, and Is in a very fluc state of cnltivatlon. Terms to guit purchasers. If not sold by April Ut, I will let the same on shnres. Will also let the Klllmoro farm of one hundred acres adjolnlng the above. W5tr J. w. Hradford.