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Fruit Trees On Lawns

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A correspondent in the Gardener's Chronical, propouods the question why fruit trees are not more generally plantod on Iawns and in gardens, instead of purely ornamental trees. The idea Beems to prevail that fruit trees must bo confined to the orchard or kitchcn garden ; yet what can be more beautiful than the palc pink and white of the applo blossom, the pure white of the eherry and pear, and the deep rose of the peach ? Cherry trees literally whito with blossonis are of no rare sight, and what is more charming than the graceful branches ciad in gpotless purity. '1 hen too, the ripe fruit, in thiok olustera upon theni, is no loss pleasing to the ej'e than gratif'ying to the taste. There are many varieties of trees which are planted in yards and Iawns, which bave do moresightly appearance than an apple tree, without its wealth of fragrant bloom, or its showers of luscious fruit. On the ontinent fruit trees are planted along the sides of highways and lanes, and the fallen produce islookedupon as couiamn propcrty, provided the traveler does not trespass for it. Even in suburbs of cities and larc towns, where bat a few feet of land is allotted to each home, and where one would suppose that each inch of room would be made available, the front yards are planted with evergreeu trees, or purely ornamental shrubs, to the utter exclusión of' applc, pear, or jjlum trees - any of which would be far preferable in every respect.