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An Medicine. Of all medicines advortised to cure any affüctioQ of the Throat, Chest or Lungs, we know of noDe we can recommend so highly as Dr. King's New Dbscovery for Connuuiption, Coughs, Colds, Asthma, Bronchitis, Hay Fever, Hoarseness, Tickling in the Throat, loss of Voice, etc. Tbis medicine does positivdy cure, and that whcre everything else hasfailed. No medicine can show one half so many positivo and permanent cures as bave alrcady been For Ashma and Bronchitis it is a perfect apecific, curing the very worst cases in the shortest titue possible. We say by all ineans give it a trial. Trial boules ten centa. Regular size $1.00. Por sale by Brown & Co. , Ann Arbor. 974-986 A Joke. A prominent physician of Pittsburg said jokingly to a lady patiënt who was complaining of her continued ill health, aud of his inability to cure her, "try Hop Bitten ! ' ' The lady took it in earnest and used the Bitters, froin which she obtained permanent health. She now laughs at the doctor for his joke, but he is not ho well pieMed with it, as it cost him a good patiënt. Vacant Places In the dental ranks wiil never occur if you are particular with your teeth and eleanse them every day with that famous toothwabh, 8ÜZODONT. Krom youth to old age it will kei-p the enamel spotless and nnimpairfid. The teeth of persons who use SO.ODONT have a pearl-like whiteness, and the gums a roseate hue, while the breath is purified, and rendcred sweet and fragrant. It is composed of rare antiseptic herbs and is entirely free frorn the ob jectionable and injurious ingrediente of Tooth Pastes, &c. 985 988 Ailvertisiug G'heats. It has beeome so comnion to write the bcginning of an elegant, interesting article and then run it iuto souie advertisement that we avoid all such cheats and simply cali attention to the meriu of Hop Bittors in as plain, hone.t lerms as possiblo, to induce people to give them one trial, as no one who knows tbeir value will ever use anything else. Whcn You Feel Mean take Kidney-Wort, adertised in anotber oolomn. It acts energetically on the bowels and Kidneys al the samo time, and so cures a host of' diseases cnused by the inaction of these organs. If you are out of fix, buy it at your druggists and save a doctor's bill. From hundred.s of reported cases whero MtientS have increased in weight from five to forty poums while using Fellow's Compound Syrup of HypophoBphites, no doubts remain of is powerful action on the organ af nutrition, CiuchO'Quinlne. Physioiftita mif this new agent of Peruvian Bark is a perfeot substituto for the 3ulphate Quinine, and that its action is preferable, as it can be used in same dopes whcre Quinine is indicatcd, and never oauses the disagreeable effsets of the Jatter upon the head and stomach. DrugK'it sell it at $1.50 per ounce, or sent, postage paid, on reoeipt of price by Billings, Glapi' & Co., Boston, Mass. liigrb Prlcod Bntter. Dairymen often wonder how their more favored competitors get such high prices lor their butter the year round. It is by always having a uniform gilt-edged article. To put the "gilt-edge" on, when the pastures do not do it, thcy uso Wells, Richardson & Co's Perfected Butter Color. Kvery butter maker can do the sauie. Sold 3veaywhere and warranted as hannless as lalt, and perfect in operatioD.