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The HOMHSTKAD, AoSS SUPERPHOSPHATl , (Mt B ''nr works are among the jrfOfjjlVHBPflífcí nost complete and extensive gdflflflW HILfiÉásEn!-'? ' iíjfc.. n the country, and h.ivc S&BJpfm ¦ t - evcry appliance to enable ut E " ir. furnih Standard FertiÊUKESzSf&trrè- wfflli 't the Txiwefit Price. " Uur nui liit.ciy is of modern 15 rTfHrlP-'T ' ' 'vf construction, md our oinis are inade unr ij inZ'i' "' V " uuid.tncr of au able M& chomist, l.o inspects every E3L2si ' - ' '" '' '- ' brinií placed on the markel. Wiü the large mountof capital inrested in the HDM INI IA II, u ... much 1 ?f "' hh.1 feTmaintained than any individu b., .....I llm : J.I I OUD! he f"mer that evrT pound hc Iuy5 is all that U repres ntud. As manufacturera of Animal ChuCMÜ, wc have ;it otir hand ilie n.'is ,t , Tlnble material nsed in making fer.ilii.-rs V!.: B It. iiMlJtl V&fl , i tili!ingsubsUncecontains8opcrcent.ol pliosphatc "I lm ¦ - . m-t liltv-fivc hVÈKffi f t percent coutained in r.-iw bones, and i well bown i. minands sojiifili JVB j ƒ r ipricin European markets that bilt very few n_ "'""" VSMB. 'V 11 T I in this country use it. Allhoueh the HOMESTEAD 1 1 1 1 1 -' t -re Mi m more X Q [ 1 ,1 to manufacture than if preparcd of the material gener..l!y used, we shall AKflBSMZ % IVt tinue its present high standard, and place on the inarket i genulne, pure rione f USJJBfflJÍV J jKv Alm nt, Mich., June 18, i8j. tUHtv' jUB Michigan Carbon Wvrks , Drtroil, Mich.: iftffMMnT" Wv ühntlemhn;- I'lea-e nntice theenclosed photogiapli of wheat cut fr..m SjdSJJik - HG the same k-ngth nf drill scven inches part- su].' i l. "Vr'Vh"s'NfflrlPC SHOT" pha Draw yourown conclusions whidi i.s whlrli. Wtoursttlm is sfapw-f" vWJKZii, rjWf ing more difference than the field will average ; but tMl ihowi Wh super. J.'ffi' rVHTV phosphaiewill do on very poor soil. This was out from a very poor spo. - JH 'M. but cach had the same chance with the one exception. lt as cut isth of JSOSi Mi June, shows the earliness of that fertilized. I have the best piece of barleyin MSMk JÊÊ this lectlon- ioo Ibs. superphosphate per acre sown on wheat stubble. Xhe tfUBftn MKwt best farmers hcre are taking note of these thing. Vtry truly, '¦HiMPV Mrdika, Orleans Co., N. Y., August 7th, 1879. SSJ&tíKtwfA Michigan Ctirhvn Works : Gbntlbmkn:- Enclosed flnd photograph of ome bariey. tó WjÁ T"' bariey was grown on A. H. Poler's farm, four miles suuth of Medina, r-i J mrwr I made á frame four feet square and set it in the standing grain on the OêJÈ Ik1_ dayof its boing cut. I then cutand gathered all tl)at stood witKin thefram HHpJfc of each, where there wns pliospruite and whcre thrc was no phosphate. 1 ÊÊLkËwLwmLW llet it lay in tbc sun one day to cure, then weighed each bundie as you see it jLwiW ' on the photograph. .... , .„ . "flMBsV The phospliate was put dnwn with the seed with a fcrtill7ing drill, the Di B Bk. teeth being six inchrs apart. Tln-se luinillu were cut side by side, only six S HPJ9bmH inches apart. The one on the left of the photoraph had no phosphate, and Dn JJHM weighed twelvc ounces. The one on the riht hand had one hundred and MIwBKX'QHB !¦ forty pounds of the Homestead Superjihosjihate to the acre, and weighed BSfíi VwSrrB tw0 pounds and fourteen ounces to the four fect square. This is correct. LHyflfVXsiLHK; A.Jl. l'i,lci;ilstcxpcrimentedon;orn,pol.ituesaiidwinB:rwheatwithai 'M Sm WTS good results on i:ifli a on his barley. Of cimre, lie lias not harvested hit UT Jt tSmÊÊmWaÊm% corn. but it stands sixtcen inches hijher than the rest of the corn, and earJKmMUuSu 9f'"i oae-half better. Vuurt respectfnlly, GEO. W. l'UI.l.K. ACTUAL KESULT8 AT OUR SEED FAEM ON LETTUCE SEED. omestead produced 538 Ibs. per acre. 116 Ibs. of lettuce seed, at $1.25 $145 o 'here none was uscd 467" " " 560 Ibs. of Homeslead, at J40 per ton 11 a ffcflfermce in favor of Homestead. 116 " " " Actual profil per acre 131 12. &C, cte CO. Srndor Circular! givtng full reports of resuls, and all particulart in regara lo uu. Vin plaoes where we have no authorized agent, a barrel of 200 Ibs. will be lent ATi rAnjiint nt S4. - ' Prepared Expressly for Lawns, Flower Gardens, Pot and House PlantiDIRECTIONS.- Use three tablespoonfuls of the manure to agallen of water. Stecp twelve houra bcfbreuling, and keep well stirrcd whilc beihg applicd. Do nut apply oftcner than once in two weeks. (Box containing 10 lbs $i oo PRICES,-) " " 25 " a ( " " 50 " 4 00 Sent anywhere in the United States or Canada, by express or freight, on receipt of cash arders. MICHIGAN CAEBON WOESS, Detroit, Mich, G4l Agenl Waulcil in Kvury Iomii. 983-889