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Only 50 Cents A Bottle

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'P - - Jt ¦ - i _ P)v Tlic Railway Company of Chicago workg 4,7C0 Horsen. Rcad wlial Superintendent Squircs lias lo say : We use exclusively Whittier's Linime.nt. It will pay all owaers of horses to cali wte. M. W. SQUIllKS, Sup't. C. C. R. Co. The Express Company works 370 Horses. Rcud what Superintendent Kniuiil lias to mij : 1 have been usinp; Liniment on the horses of the Ainoric:in and United States f pr38-8 Company stables for 24 years. I liever met any that had ene tenth the merit of Whittier s Liniment. Our stables are open. (.'ill and see for yourselves. II. KXIGHT, Sup't. ü. S. Ex. Co. The Tranwrcr Company of ChicasO work 7S 1 Ilorsos. Read what WM, YOIKG & CO. have to isy : 124 Michigan Avenue. - VVhittier's Liniment should bu in every baru. lt has real merit. The contractors for dednibg of olly work Sü I Horst-. Hear what C. T. IIUTCIIKISS & CO. have lo aj : Whittier's Liniment will cure more horSe in on fay (Iibd all ntborw in a month. C. T. HOÏCHKISS & CO., StTBiat ('kaning Conlractors. Scratcbc, Greased Ëtoel, Tliru-li, Galled ipois rrm sn cause, hcal up in froin two t Ilirec' appllcatton, and yon can work the horxe every day, and yon culi cure hiin al llie same linie. II will lake out all iiiliimiiiitUion in a few inniiieiils. There is no Remedy on Earth that Equals Whittier's Liniment for Rheumatism. It will hare Ilie ame cVi iipon the lm man. Pile, Scroftiln, Scald Ilead, Calarrli, l'iiiiplc. or IüoU-Iick oii Face or Itody, Old Sore, or Frettli CUt. DR. S. WHITTIER, NO. 2O4 EAST WASHINGTON STREET, CHICAGO, ILL. FOK SALK Y H. J. IHKlHN Sc CO., ANN ARBOR, m-JOW-WMI