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CHURCH DJ3ECTORY. Baptist Clmrcli. Kkv. S. Haskei.l, Pastor. S,Mr "4 a. a. and 7H ¦¦ ,tl ] i - h ".] after morning purvlcy. ,'r iv.T moo mí riiursduy evuniug at 1% o'clock. Catholic Chiirch. Hsv. Father Fíele, Pastor. L,,,v KtM 9 . . I'1 tb Mi", 1UH . m. Veepern [. . Baa i.-.y School, 24 p. m. ('ougregational C'hurcU. Rur. W. H. Rvdkb, Pintor. S.ilibni í.tvío -. . i. .H(17((?.. ,n,Ui . ,(..¦ ; .lurmoruMiiftcrvicc. l'myíT neetinf Thund evenlng hi m o dock. Episcopal Church. Rbv. Wtllts Hall, Rector. i, , ittIom, 10H a. x. and 7H p. Sunday School, 2i4 P. M. l{ .! íkous jttivictia, TuursiUj evcoing at T% o'clock. tremían Methodist Clinrch. Hkv. C. Uelwio, Pastor. Sabhath cervices, lü4 a. m. and 1% p. M. suuUay ScUuül, at niuc o'clock a. a. PrüSr mee'lr.g oa Wednesday. Lutherau Chnroh. Rbv. John Nkcmann, Pastor. gabfe it!i íorvicüB. 10! a. m. and 74 p. . Sau 1 School aftur mornlng service, l'myer meeting, Thnrsdsy eveningat7H o'clock. MethoÜ8t Chnrch. Rkv. Joas Ai.Aii.v-iín, Pustor. Sabtvith srrvlcus, 10 , a. . and 7 r. H. il iftur iuorQÍni Berrice. ii.-.TUarsday evoning at 1% o'clock. i Meeting, S iturday 7 T. M. Presbyterian Church. Rev. PbedT. Bkown, D. D., Pastor. .Sahii.üh lorvicos, lOtf a. a. and % r. a. siitulay Schotland Bibli'Class aftur niiiruina service Pnyer moeiin,1, Thursday evenlng at 8 a'clock. Y ang l'oople's Meeting, Sunday evening 6%. Unitariau Chnrch. liSV. J. T. SUNDBRLAND, Pa8tor. Sabbatb services, 1D% a. m. and "V4 v. a. Mri.i.iy School at 12 a. Studcnts' Blble Claas at 0:15 a. h. Zlou Lutheran Chnrch. Rut. H. P. Belsir, Pastor. 9abbatii s.Tvices at 10! a. k. and 7 p. m. 1 tminediati'ly after morning service. Etellgloaa service Wednesday evening at 7 o'clock. BUSINESS CARDS. Ladfes! Ladies! GO TO MISSES HZYLEYSA No. H S. Main St., for Corsots, iery.TowolinK, 'l'iiblu Unan, ton Unen and SllkHamlkerchietV, Necktiei, Garnet umi .U-t Set, and lidies' Kan? n grcat Tariitfy. No. 'S S. Main St. ts'o. 3 S. Main St. )K6 yr 0. C JENKIXS, I OFFICE : No. 3 East WasMngton Street. Formerly oecuxlpl by Dr. Frotliiugliam. osotr I HKMtY K. UILL, ATTORNEYATLAW Real Estáte Brokpr, AND INSURANCE AOKNT. office: Xo. 1 Opera House Blork Ann Arbor, Míen. . 7!)5tr (EO. W. RENWIOK, f Trom tho New Enclnnd ƒ fdry of Miiic, Botton. 'IVacher nf f f Vocal and Instrumental Mueic and ƒ ƒ llarnwny. I Condsctor of Mnslcal ƒ (long and evening claesea. ƒ Private leseon wlll be glven at ƒ ƒ the regidence of popils. ƒ ƒ Address P. O. Box 1201, Ann ƒ Arbor. 9l-98tl I ÏÏM.C. STEVENS, M.O., Physician ana SurgeonX OFFICE, 33 Washington Street. Office Ilours- 1 to 9 . M., 10:30 A. m. to 12 m., 2 to 4, and 7 to 8 p. m. üefitlence-fto. 10 Grove StiretA u.iir 7 IOHX L. BLKLKIUH, ƒ Attorney -AND Counselor at Law. OFFICE : Over National Bank, Ann Abbob. r 79IH ƒ W. H. JACKSOX, VdentistA Office OTcr Bacli a Abel'. liutraaco by Firüt National Bank.X 73tf ƒ F. 80RQ, ÏIODSE, ÖIQN AND ORNAMENTAL ƒ I'ainteb. Paperlng, Glazlng, ƒ illldlnj?, and work of every ƒ U crlptton done In the best etyle. f 1 i'ulnta, Olls, and Varniebes oa ƒ n 'isnd and for sale. Shop, No. 8S ƒ I S.iBt Washinston Street, Ann ƒ I :bor, Mlch. 80atf W ILLIAM IIEKZ, HOU8K, SIQN, ORNAMENTAL & FRESCO PAINTER. Vanerlng, Qlazlng, Gilding and CalciX mluluj[, nd work of every decrlptloD Aone in the beat Btylo, and warrantedl t"Klve aatisfaction. Shop No. 4 WestX XWaehlnRton Street, Ann Arbor, MtchA UStí THE ANN ARBOR Savings Bank, Ann Arbor, Hlrhigun, TRAKSACTS 5ENERAL BANgINB BUSINESS CAPITAL, $50,000. Organizad nnder the General Banking Law of thi f fy,the mockholderB are iDdivldnally Hable lora -i'Witlonal amonnt rqnal to tho otock held by tbem t&?i$v;Btïïsrs? Fuml for the $100,000.00. n„!0UIL Per eent. interent is allowed on a „ ,nK" DePOit of onu dollar and upwards, accord i rale8 r ' lle ""nk.and interest compounde mi snnnally. lloney to loan on nniucumbere rci estatu nd other ood Becuriiy. Oircior,_ChrlalUn Mack.W. W. Winen, R. A. Bal Wllliam Deuh.'l, U üliam D. Harrima Daniel Oiscock, and Wlllard B. Smit Offloers : ''"'""tian Mack, Pres. W. W. WiNg, Vice-Pres OiiAs. E. Hisoock, Cachler. 915-996 CJOAL! COAL! O.W.SHIPMAN, MIiht and Wholesale dealer of the celebmtcd BRIAR RIDGE COAL AL8O- oilod. OfflCB, u Griewold ütreut, Detroit, room 8 9ea-1004