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A Little Mixed

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Soon after the battle of Prairie Grove, three confedérate officers of rank came into aur army to negntiatn for an exchange of prisoncrs. Three union officers were detailmi to negotiate witli thcm. One day while the commission was in session, an old grayheaded, grey-beared Arkansas farmer walked in and askcd : "Es this the Provo's offis?" Some one attempted to explain, but the old fcllow, being quite deaf, uid not understand, and said : " Yes, I'm a good loyal citizen ; I've got my protection papers ; I've been and got paid for forage. It's all right." "Look here," said Col. W , of the union ariny, "you had better be careful about what you say about your loyalty ; don't you see those gentlemen over there?" pointing across the table to where the oonf'ederate officers sat ia their gray uniforme. The old ruan took out a pair of dilapidated spectacles, and fitting them on bis nose, closely xamined the gray uniforms with their velvet collar and brass stars. His hands trembled violently, and heseemed quite frightened, but eollected himself and said to the coufederates : " Well, gentlemen, I meant do offenee. I didn't know - tact is, I've allus been a southern man. I've jest got onc son, and he's with Marmaduke. The only other man grown in Miy faniily that's fit for sarvis ia my darter Sallie's husband, and he's with Rector, and " " Huid on, old fellow," cried CoL Vf , "what abuut your bcing a loyal citizen?" " He looked at the other side of the table. Then ho reailjusted his spectacles, Kcanned the blue coats, took off nis luindkerchiol trom ubout his ueck, blew his nose, leaned both hands on tho table, and aid : " Will, gentlemen, tliis is a little mixed, but ytrajiit go on and fight it out auioug youreelvea. 1 oan live under any government." Above evcry other feature whieh adorns the female eharacter, delioacy stands foremost within the provinec of good taste.