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An excursión to Detroit on orabout May 20th, is talked of. Geo. Almendinger has removed with his kit of blacksniith tools, to Aon Arbor. The Herald praisea Mr. Streeter for his excellent work in sprinkling the streets. C. II. Kempf will be one of the speakers at the county temporáneo meeting in Ann Arbor next week, Friday. The band are practicing with the intention of attendiog the tournament at Flint June9th and lOth. John K. Clark spoke to the tempernnue peoplo and others last week, Tuesday, Wedneaday and Thursday cveuings. The Herald says that but few lecturers have visitec Chelsea who have given botter satisfactiou. Last Saturday cvening the Iadies of the Baptist churoh gave an entertainment ai the reform club hall. Itconsisted of recitatiiuiH, vocal music and readings, and ooncluded with the amusing play: " Aunl Buley's Bunnit." ¦ Sunday before last about twenty of the reform club boys went to Lima Center to speak and sing for the club there. The meeting was an enjoyable one, but tho ride home was somewhat diffioult and dangerous, it being so dark. Several narrow escapes were reportcd. DEXTKR. "Bock beer" bas made its ftppmnuMe in town, and thoso who ralúh "nicli" are in their glory. The street sprinkler made its first trip last week, and is to be kept busy during the suininor. Good enough ! Some of our merchants have introduccd gasolrne for lighting purposes, and their stores present a ratber "eityfied" oppearance as a conseinuence thereof. Wliat next? B. B. Williams' planing miU is being treated to a coat of paint. Thu.s igain is a building beautificd, ;ind tlic place improved in ippcarance. A few more should follow this example. The repairs at the M. R chureh are ex)ectcd to be complctcd mixt week, and tho regular lerrues will again be resumed by a week trom Sunday, at whioh time there will be a quarterly meeting, and the ccleration oí' the Lord's suppcr. Mrs. E. C. Thompson, of Albion, is visting friends and relativos here. Mrs. Chompson wati'formerly one of Dexter's air daughters, and her friends will always je pleased to see her como to the home of ïer childhood and the scènes of her many ïappy days. Has Dexter no fallen hero buriedinyonder cemetery, whose grave ehould be decoratcd by friends and patriots? Honor the Pallen brave and the noble dead. What would bo more appropriato than to be in the front ranks of doing homage to those who died for country and libcrty? " Cattle run at large in the strect of Dextor." - A. A. Democrat. Yen, Mr. Democrat, you speak correctly, once. It is a shamo for Dexterites to allow such a thing. But that it is allowed is to be seon every day. If for no other than a sanitary reaaon, the conimon couneil should set itself right by refusing to extond the privilege beyond the time set now, June lst The young man who a few weeks ago oponed a jewelry store hcre, and cauio out in the paper with an advertisement : "This is to certify that I have Borved my time, and learned the jewelry trade, etc.," Higning his own name to the certifícate, has already served liin time hcre and gono elsewhere. Three jewelers in this village is rather more than can bocome rich, to say nothing f making a good living. O. E. Hoyt and family startcd east last Tuosday morning. Their tickets called for Philadelphia, hut they will remain a short time with Mrs. lloyt's parents at Athens, Pa., and thcy will thuu go to New Jorüoy where Mr. Hoyt's parents reside. Mr. Hoyt leavos many friends behind him who wish Mm suocess in his new home. It will be remembered that Mr. II. was publisher and editor of the Leador. Mr. and Mrs. Jno. T. Crampton spent ncarly a week with Geo. Crampton of this village, last week and this. Mr. J. T. Crampton has only a few days taken to himself one of Chicago's young ladies, for better or for woree, and henee this visit hore. Mr. J. T. is a brother of William H. and George Crampton, of the firm ol Crampton & Reiter, carriage makers here. The bridal party left bere the begioning of this week for Lapeer, their future home. May peaee and &o. Rev. L. P. Davis, of the M. E. church, and Dr. Ziegenfuss went to Delhi last Sunday evening, where Mr. Davis delivered a temporance speech. Rev. Mr. Allen alao spoke. The audience was good oonsidering the season and the size of the place. It showed well for Delhi. Largor tovns and villages eould profit by going thcre to attend a meoting of that kind. Frank Goodale has been president from the beginning and promises well to Iaat half % oentury more. This speaks volumes for iiim. The club numbers 75 membera on the new list. The old ene had over 400 namee. Wel! rlnnp_ Delhi. W J MM n ¦ ¦ It seenis to have bccome fashionable oi late for ladies togo angling- not for men - but for real, germine fish. We do not disIike such sports, but on the contrary think it is wholesorne exeroise, both for body and mind. But hoar wbat the Leader of last week says of tbcra: " Soven iris went fishing yesterday. Tliey caught 42 fish, weighing exactly 21 pouuds. Never say again (lmt girlscan'c fish." We caD 't vouch for the corrcctness of the abote. But juut sec, 42 fish weighing 2 pounde, is jut C-7 ofan ounec per fish, and thero being seven girls, the cqually divided portion of eaeh would be about five ounces of fish. Now we don't advocate auy harsh usage of editors, but it would not be safe for an editor in many sections of the country to tlius treat seven girls when they go a fihÍDg. Mr. Editor, seven girls is more than one man should offend. .MANCHESTER. Seyruour Ilammon don't like Kan.-as. Edwin Gilbert has a well 107 feet deep, and is going to wind-mill it. Dr. Kapp resides hcre. Dr. Kapp lives at Ann Arbor. Kapp-ital koincidence. Last Sunday and Monday the Lutherans held special Pentecostecal services. Chris Underkircher is going to Missouri to lócate. He dosires a warmer climate. The po.stomoc is to be removed to the store lately oceupied by Mrs. Traub, postmaster Walbridge having bought the sauie. Next Sabbath evening the children's union temperance meeting will be held at Goodyear hall, by the Universalist Sabbath Rfthool, If the petit of Kh;lron, Manchester and Bridgcwater don't attcnd the noxt term of the circuit oourt until the 20th of June, they will be about 20 days late. Dccoration day will be observcd by appropriate services. C. Walbridge ha.s been electod president and Jas. Kolley marshal, with n long of citizens upou working oommittees. The Enterprise says : " Albert Robison of' Sharon, brought to the Enterprise offioe, on Tuesday, something of a novelty for this time of the year, being a quantity of new potatoes. They were grown in his oellar." Enterprise : " Fred Feldkamp, a son of Henry Feldkamp, of Freedom, wasdriving along the road a few days ago when his horses became frightened. He was thrown from the wagon , the whcel Btruck liim bruaking his jaw on both sides, and injuring him elsewhere about the body. Drs. Kapp and Sheldon went out, rendered surgical aid, and made him as corufortablo as possible." From the Enterprise we learn that the Manchester, Sharon and Bridgewator farmer's club, at their recent monthly meeting, elected Mat D. Blosscr of that journal an honorary niember of tbe club, and also chose the following officers : President, D. G. Rose, Sharon ; vice presidents, J. G. English, Manchester ; S. M. Morrithew, Sharon ; J. Short, Bridgewatcr; secretary, W. W. Hess, Bridgewatcr ; treasurer, F. Spafard, Manchester. The nicmbcrship fee was reduced from $1 to 50 cents ; premiums of $5, $3 and $2 were offered for the best five acres of corn raiscd this season ; the subjects of corn and potatoes were disoussed ; and it was decided to hold the next meeting Friday afternoon, June 4th, at the residenco of L. D. Watkins. STONV CUKKK. Lcwis Olds is quito aick. Circus bilis on a church shcd. The white jug of'milk comes regularly at the parsonage again. It is not Uncle Toiu's Cabin by the ehoe sliop, but what is it? Rev. W. H. Blair and f'amily are absent on a visit. Will return this week. We now have the mail three times a week by the euterpriao of the P. M. Rev. W. E. Dunning spoko to the red ribbon club at the Morgan school house, on the llth inst. Gapt E. P. Allen is to lecture on temporáneo at the Augusta M. E. ohurcli, nn Sunday evening, May 23. W. B. Dmining leotured at the Baptist, clmrch in Mooreville, Sunday evening of last week. It is well spoken of. The Dillon-Millodge land suit has finally fimnd its end. Mr. Dillon is in possession of tho farm, Mr. M, giving a pMMSaUt pDMHMÓ. YPSILANTI. For the first time in his life Barnum oomes to Ypnilanti. Prof.' Samuol Diokie, of Albion, is to lec;uro at the normal this evcning. The ladies' library associátion has added 13 new volumes to its library recently. Miss R. B. Norris U a member of the artists' league, New York oity, aDd ia loarning sketching. Mack & Mack are to raise their store up 12 foet, build an addition of 50 feet, and put in a plato glas front soon. Measles interfcred with the priuiary dopurtment o( our Bchools, but haa disappeared sufflcicntly to allow the ohildren to return again. Wednosday of last week, John W. Van Clove, ar., with his grand-djiughter, Susie MoKinstry, left for Minneapolis, Minn., to visit relativos. Albert Grane has entirely recovered from hisattack ofvarioloid, say8 the Ypsilantian, and in a few months no traces of the discase will be perceptible. The Commercial starts a boom among tho ladios to furnish the room of the oounty pioneer society in the oourt house. It wouldn't be a bad idea to have it furnished. Profs. McLoutli and Bellows, of the normal, visited Ann Arbor Wedncsday of last week, to obtain measurements from which to give their class practico in computing distance. It is understood that the lower paper mili has shut down, nominally for repairs. But t is hinted that it is io accordanee with an order from the paper makers' association, who wish to keep paper up, and not get too great a supply on hand. Tho Ooniincrcial statOS that it was COnoeded on all hands that Capt. E. P. Allen mad the best presiding officcr the state convention has had for years. Bro. Pattison also thinks that Gen. Grant is the aecoud choice of a Iarge number of delegatos. In the Commeroial's normal items is this one : " A normal professor says that woak eyes are owing to the fact that they are in a weak place." It can't be true that the professor is himself troubled with weak eyes ? Avaunt, tbou horrid suspioion. At the woman'sloan exhibition there are artioles from 70 to 250 years old, and "somc articles brought over in the Mayfiower, Washington's camp kettle, eto." It is said to be the finest ezhibition of the kind ever held in this section of the state. An interestiog law case has come up between the city and the town of Superior. Sometime ago Mrs. Davis of the latter place, was thrown from a buggy inside the city limits and had her leg broken. She was cared for by the oity authorities, being a poor woman, to the extent of $250, and the bill charged to Superior. The officors of that town have steadily refused payment, claiming that the woman was not a pauper, she baving an interest in somo land, which tho city says is of Httle account and not available. The Commercial says : "The city treasurer has withheld the amount, and the attornoy will apply to tbo supreme oourt for a mandamus to cotnpel the supervisor to spread the tax upon the roll, which, i when collected will be paid to the treasurer ! aud creditod to tho city, for the city will have to pay it and look to Superior for its reniedy. " Tho point at issue is: lst, whether Mrs. Davis was a pauper, and 2d, wheiher each muniüipality or town ahall be liable for its own poor wherever DJured in the county."