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Dr. Cockor held an examination of hia class in logic last Saturday. He intends to sail for England on the 2ad of June. About fivo hundred birds of the Beal" Stoere collection ha been mouoted, and the taxidermist ia now stuffing monkeys. The Olympia, a club partly composed of students and organized as a Germán club, enjoyed a row on the river Monday evening. The bota pheta pi quartette bus aocepted an invitation to attend and take part in a concert, which will ba given in Detroit next Tuesday evening. This ovcning the alplia nu literary society will have an unusually interesting programme. Richard B. 8heridan will be the hero of the occasion. He will be discussed in the essays and orations, and quoted in the declamations and dialoguen It seems that aome of the people of northern Ohio are going to have a loan art exhibition, so they have sent up here for somo mummies. Evidently they think that as they often supply us with subjects it is no more than fair that we should occasionally reciprócate. The physiological laboratory, under the efficiënt management of Dr. Stowell, is rapidly being converted into a menagerie of living animáis. Already it contains a Rana luilecina, Rana clamitaiis, Amblystoma tigrinum var, luridurn, Chrysemyx marginata, Cavia cobayia and Buteo virginianu. Dr. E. O. Haven, who succeeded Dr. Tappan; as president of our university, has been made one of the bishops by the M. E. conference now assembled at Cincinnati. He waa a professor here for three years and_ president from 1863 to 1869, when he resigned. During his connection with this institution as chief executive the number of students, as well as the amount of the appropriations, was doubled. The entertainment by Miss Meade, for the benefit of the Adelphi literary society, which was given lastFriday, notwithstanding the fact that it was a fine evening and nothing else going on, was not a success financially, but on the contrary both the lady and the society lost by it. This is too bad, for these societies which are doing so much good to those who take part in their exercises really deserve much better support from the faculty as well as from the students. They have some very naughty boys in the medical department who dress up in girls, go out upon the street and monopolize the ladies' privilege of catching and entortaining a beau. One of these played off on a olassmate Saturday night and perambulated the streets for two hours with a student whom we shall cali 11 . Mr. 11 on rcturning to his home vowed that he had been out with one of the nicost girls in Ann Arbor. He has since becomo aware of how he was victimized and is out hunting for the man who did it, with forcible gesticulations and words more carnest than pious. Very fortunately last Saturday was neither too warm for thosc who took part in the exercises, nor too cool for those who wished to see them, in fact it was a model day for a field day. The athletic association was rewarded for its efforts by a goodly attendance, and the attendants were rewarded by witnessing some very good contests. The larger number were present in the afternoon, when the contests of fenuing and shooting took place. The fencing club, which bas been carcfully drilled by Prof. Hennequin, added much to the occasion by its exeroises and final contest, and the members did honor to themselves as well as to their teacher who has ko kindly instructed them. Mr. F. T. Perry was the sole survivorof the figh tand received the handsome gold medal that was offered. Mr. Buil carried off the prize for breaking glass balls with his little gun.