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An Anecdote Of Grant

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lie was ono day busy in his tcDt wilh his military plans when Le heard his orderly engiigeil in a conversaron to which the viaitor gave a strong foreign acoent. "Is de Sheneral in do tent?" said the VOieV. " Yes, sir," replied the orderly, " but he is busy with his map and can't see you. " " Oh, den he ís going to advance. My goodness gracious, my vriend, 1 must see ze Sheneraí shustfir a few little moments." "Uan't be done, sir, I havo orders to adaiit no one. " " But is he going to ad vanee ?" "How should I know? Gen. Grant does not generalij' teil his ordorlies of his plans." " But if he vood ad vanee, vare vood he go? Into 'the cotton región, vood ho not?" " How should I know?" "My vriend, I haf a most important broposal to make de Sheneral- a broposal mind you, my young vriend." "Uan't hear your proposals, sir. Picase to step out and on." "Sthop one minute, my young vriend, sthop one little minute, will you? Blease say to Sheneral Grant I haf one gran' object for hini, von rich speoulation on de cotton, do-youaee?" Grant, who had heard the conversation through the tliin walls of his tent, and reoognizing the voice of the speaker as ono of tbc vam pires who hung about his army, suddenly rose from his seat, and going to the door of the tent, seised the Jew by the collar, and liftiug hini from tho ground, hurled hini headlong into a uiud-puddle. Before the orderly could recover from his surprise, or the Jew realize what had taken place, Grant had returned to his chair ui the tent, and wus again busily engaged with his maps, as though uothinsr had happened.