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Parental Sympathy

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Párente expresa too little sympathy for their children ; the effect of' this is lamentable. How your children love you 1 ' I would give the world to have mji children so devoted to me!" said a mother to one who did not regard the time given to her children as so muoh capital wasted. Parents are fatally wrong when they grudge the little time necessary for their children's amusement and instruction, for no investment brings so sure and so rich returns. The child's love is holy ; and if the parent does not fix that love on himself he doserves to lose it, and in after-life to be bewailing lus poferty of heart. The child's heart is full of love, and it must gush out towards somebody or somefhing. If the parent is worthy of it, and possosses it, he is biest ; and the child is safe. When the child loves worthy persons and receives their sympathy, he isless üabje to be influenced by the undeserving ; for in his soul are models of excellence with which he compares others. Any parent can descend from his chilling dignity, and freely answer the child's question, talking familiarly and tenderly with him ; and when the little one wishes help, the parent should come out of bis abstractiqns and cheerfully help him. Then his mind will return to his speculations elastic, and it will act with force. All parents can fina a few minutes, ocoasionally, durinthe day, to read little stories to the children, and to illustrate their respective tendeoeies to good and bad feelings. They can talk ta thein about flowers, birds, trees, angels, and about God. They oan show interest in their sports, determining the charioter of them. What is a surer way than binding the child to the heart of the parent ? When you have made a friend of a child, you may congratúlate yourself you have a friend for life.