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Printing-office Secrets

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A properly conducted printing office is as tuuch a secret as a niasonic lodge. The printers are not under oath of secreoy, but always feel themselves as truly in honor bound to keep office secrets aa though triple oathed. Any employé io a printingoffice who willingly disregards this fact in relation to printing-offiee secrets would not only be scorned by nis bretberen of the craft, but wuuld lose his positioD at once. We make this statement beeawe it sonietimes happens that a coramunication appers in a newspaper under an assumed signature, whioh excites comnaent, and various parties try to find out who is the author. Let all bc saved the trouble of questioning the employés of the printingoffiee. They are know-nothings on sueh pointe as these. Oo such matters they iiave eyes and ears, no mouth, and if they fail to observe this rule, let them be put down as dishonorable meuibers of the oraft. h ia the same in job printing. If aoything is to be printed and kept secret, let proper notice be given of the desire for eecrecy, and you might as wéll question the Sphynx as one of the printers, so that even the secret books for lodges are printed wifhout