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An Old Lady From Otsego

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lwo meo oíd ladies from Otsego county presented themselves at the door of tho new capitol elevators yesterday. They were unmistakably from a very denso part of the country, and looked in astonishment at everythiüg. "Going up?" said the elevator man. "Land sakes! Is that tlio way you go up?" "VWm T.,mr ,;„k4 :„. " Young man," said tho leading lady of the two, "how uiany will that thcro box hold I'd like to know. It dou't look amazïng ttrong." "It'U hold all that can got ia it. Come, hurry up." Theold ladystill held back. "Don't be quite so chippor, young man, even if you have soldier elothes on. Is tlicru much to pay f'or going up in this thing?" "No, ma'am ; nothiDg at all. We don't charge f'or anything in thia building. You can put up a tent and live here if you like, and they won't charge you a cent, and tuey'll give you a first-class cook, washer and ironer to wait on you, to boot, if you ask for it." "Land sakoal Don't these doorkeepers I hoar of take tickets, like the recular cus doorkeepers?" ' Yes'm; but thoy give you the tickets for nothing." "Then that's very fuony about my sen in-law Gil, ain't it, Naucy. Why, my son-in-law, he had to come down here to Albany to git some office, chief clerk or notorious public, or soinetliiog. I had to let him have a hundred dollars to pay for it, 'cause he said he had to pay high for everything iu the legislatura- didn't he, Nancy: And this is an elevator, is it? Well, now, that's curious, too, because, when he comes home without a cent, and some of his clothes gone, and he counted up his expenss, and he said that all that was left had to go tbr elevators. Azry Chase, from our county, was along with Gil, and he Iaughed, and said you had to pay a good deal for elevators down to Albany. " 1 Wall." replied the guard resolutely, "when I said you don't Uave to pay ior elevators, 1 meant that ladies go free." " Oh, I see, young man I" And the two oíd ladiee left the elevator lor tlie laüies gallery,


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