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The Coming Census

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As tliorc ín a pmmlty of $100 for each fint every question whieh a person may rei'use to answcr wlien the census enunierator comes around, it will perhaps Ihí wcll for the readers of' the Coukier to post up a little in regard to what uiay be expected o him or hor. The census taker is to comnienco hisgrand roundsnextTucsday, June lst, and the questions all cotnmon householders and heads of families wil! be required to answer iu tlie city, will be something likc this Natne of strett ; the namo of each person in family ; the color, sex and age oí each person ; thg relationsbip of each person to theheadoftho family; what persons are single, married, widowcd or divoreed, and who, ifany, wcre married during the census year ; the occupation of bo(h males and fciuales ; the nuuiber of uiouths any person has been nnemployed during the census year ; a statement of the stckness or temporary disability of any perron at the time of tbe cnumerator's visit ; ifthereare any blind, deaf and dumb, idiotie, insane, mainied, erippled or bedridden persons in the family ; how many attended school within the census year; if there are any who cannot read or write ; the place of birth oi each pert-oo, and the places of birth of bis or her l'athor and niothor. All persons wil] be included in tliis enumeration who are living on June 1, 1880, as well as inembers of farjülies who niay die after that time; but children who are born after that date pation and the ability to rcad and writc are not to bc a.-ked witb regard to children under 10 years of age. Section 14 of the act provides that: " Each nnd every person more than 20 years of age, bclonglng li any fnmtly residlng in any onutnuratlon dlMtrirt, and In we or the ubseneu of the heatU aud otlier niHinber ol family, thon any nwnt of suih fmnlly sliall lx, and earh of them beteoy Is reqnlred, If thereto mqiMMed by thvHiiperluteudent. supervisor or enuinorator, U rendi-r a true account, to the heat of hu or her knowledigo, of every pencm ttelonstqa to look iamlly In the variouH purllculars roriulred by law, aud whoevershAil wlllfully fuilor rofiide Khall b guilty of a misdemennor, and upouconvlction thereofshall forfi'it Hiid pay u slim not excendluif $100." If the enumcrator has reason to believe the answers given nre false he is not reriiired to accept thcni, but to enter upon lus books the truth as ocar as ho :an get at it. In respect to the manufacturing industries of th"in city, there will be a special census agent to gather tho standes, but in all other places of' the county the regular enunierator.s will gathor this information al.xi. In respect to manufaoturiesthenKstions are: The name of the corporatinn, cwnpany, or individual ; tho name of tlie buiin-, manufacture or product ; the capital invested, the greatcst number of hands employed at any onc time during the ycar, the average nuuiber of hands cmployed, including males above 16 years, females above 15 years and ohildrcn and youth ; the numher of hours of ordinary daily labor from May to November and November to May ; the average day's wages for skilled ÉihrtWnif ariij ordinary laboror ; tlie amnunt paid in wages during the year ; the months in operation on full time, three-quarters time and two-thirds time, and tlie numberof months of idlenefs; the value of material, including mili supplics and fuel; the value of producís, including jobhing and repairiDg; the kind aad amount of power uscd, whether water or team, with a dcsoriptioD of the streams or the number of boilers aml engines. The value in horae power of tlie water and stcam power is considered a matter of greatimportance, au are the inquiiit'.s with regard to the value of material and the valuo of product, The cost of superintendence, rent, freight of goods to market and other general expenses of a mauufaeturing establishment are not to beincludcd in material?. Mili supplies and fuel are to be includcd. The value of the product in the case of milis and felones producing fora distant market uieans the wholesale pnce of the goods. In the case of giuall shops )roducinggondsordoing workforthencifiliwrhood only, the value of tho product neans the price chargcd at the flliiip. Iftbe people of our cities, villag(;s and townships, knowing as they do that the enumeratorH will soon bc around, will only irepare in 3dvance answers to these quesions and have tbom ruiuly, they will greaty expedito the work and so make eenus nion' accurate.