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Ckaaeery Mta STATE VV MIOIlKiAN- The Circuit Court for the Coonty i)l Wuxhtunaw, In chancery. Krrdertrk D. .l'-nkiiiH, complaluant, va. KHz A. Mc Dona ld, áefcndiiDt. At a neuftlon f HRid court, holden at the Court II. uw, in the cily of Ann rbor, on Wudueaday, the tweuly-üixl day of April, A. l). InSO. I'roeni, the Umi, Gouverneur Morrio, Circuit ¦IihIk' Uill or Complalnt in thin cauno karlnf been filad on the imi Ii (l.iy of April. A. U. lm; and it nuw aal -f i. L.iiiy appenrtnc i" ihi conrt, upon due pronf by nffldavtt, tbal Ihe drtendunt In thla caue, ritu ' A . MrDonald. rvstdoa out oi thi state, and !¦ a rexidDl oi Oh Stat ol Tum; on moitou or Bradley V. Oitlinr, aoltottor, nd ol couuvel for the coinplalnant, il ordered tht the raid delcndnDt, Sliz A. M. ¦ Diin.ilil. npuear and anxwer the bilt of coroplainl in tliis 0AQS6, withui three raonthB from the date of Ibis order. UOrVBKNEl'R MOKRI8. C'ircalt Jiidii'. B. F. Ouwen, Sollcilor, ud 01 Couniiel for the OorouUiiaant. ¦H-OM. I Mate of fíoorge lirnit illr. OTATÈOF MICHIGAN, CoMÜ of Warhteuaw,!. At a mttOB of the Ptohate Conrt for the Coonty il Waahtonaw. Imldtu at thu lrobHt: OfBo-, iu tlie City oí Aun Krlx.r, ao Frhlay, the tuve tb day of May, in tho yi nr thouxitiid eiirht huudred bd ei-lity. l're?enu Wil imu U. Harrlniau, Judge oí Probate. In ihc matter of the extate of Oeorpp Crenti'l. dectued. Wiliinm S. Crane, the admlnirtrator, i'h tlie wlll nnnexed, ol eatd extate comee luto coart, :uid reprexeuti tbat he ia uow prepared to rf udft hls final account au xiu-h administrator. ThenuiMm it Ie ordered that Kriday, the foorth day c f Juuc neit, at ten o'clock in the lorenoon, !i aaalguud for exaiululnt; au tllowlne cuh account, and that the auvtxcee, lvti.'a anü Iniix at law of ald deceased.and sll othrr pareui IntoreaLed in h.í1 aatttv. are requiri-d ID ap4jar at i al aiil court, theu to bc' holdw t Ow 1'ro" bata Office, la thu C'i'y al Ann Arbor, in xald couniy. ind show cause, il anv Hiere be, whj tha w jhould nol lie llowfld. Aud it i furlht-r otdored.thal -niil admlntotratoi cive boHo W il"' puraoufl Intematod in aaid iaie, ol the imudcucy oí 1 xail uccouni, aud Ibe huarint: thercof, by causiui; ii COpj ui Ibis order lo 1C pilblixheil lll 'he Alin 1 Arhur Vbuntr, newapaper prlnted aud circulan lo xaid couoty, Ihrea noewalT weeks previou to niii day nf beaxliiff. t A irue copy.) WILLIAM 1). 11AKHIMAN. Jndiieuf rrobatc U'M. c. DoTT, Profeta BafMar. üsti-iW ; All UiudM of Itook -Blndinx done at Tlt luuiici oii Mkurt ¦tiee.