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Vf ornea ReVer TUnk! Tf the crabbed old bachelor who uttered tliis sentiment could but witncss the intense thought, deep study and tliorough investí gation of woiutn in determining tho best medicines to keep their families well, and would noie their sagacity and wisdom íd aelootiog ll'p Bitters ih the best and denionstrating it by keeping thcir families in perpetual health, at a mere nominal cxpen.-o, he wotild be furced to acknowledge that Mich sintiuients are báseles and lalse. Vaeaut Places In the dental rankn will never oceur if you are particular with your teeth and cleanse thein evi'ry day with that fkoKMU toothwabh, SOZODONT. From youth to old age it will keep the cnamel spotless and unimpaired. The teeth of persons who use SOZODONT have a pearl-like whiteness, and the gutns a roseatc hue, while the breath is purified,-and rendered sweet and Iragrant. It is composed of rare anti.septic hcrlis and is entiroly freo froni the ob jeotionable and injurious ingredients of Tootil l'astes.Jko ' 'JN.r 'JS.S Onr personal appearance is a matter in wliieh f'riendx and MtjtuúntM s havo a right to a choice whether we shall nfliot up-'ii them an exterior Mooared for tnd unattractive, a eountcnance mnrred by a neglected grizzled board, or a erown guiltU-ss of eovering, halt'covered, or thatched witli whito hairs, or whether we shall in def crence to our fellow.-i, pay duo renard to our own persons, and niake them presentable in society. There re many nelpo for those who decire to do thin, and thePB are jinnng them none more aocuptable than Hall' Ilair Renewer atul Bookingham'e Dye for the whiskers. líotli thesi' pfprti.ins aic kept for sale at all onr drug (toreo, and it'any ot'our friends are Innking a little the worse for wear, we advise them to make a note of it. - North Star, Danville, Vt. LEGAL NOTICES. Estáte of Trnman It. Hcath. CJTATKOK MICHIGAN, ConntyorWashtcuaw.Bs. At session ot thc Probate Conrt for the County of Wabhtfiww, holden at thc Probate Office n thc clly of Ann Arbor. on Satnrday, thc tweuty-Becond dny of May, in the year one thousand eight bondrad and cichty. l'rcseut, Williani 1)., JudL'c ol' Probate. In the matter of the eatate of Truman B. Heath, deceaned. Un reejdlau and ílliiií? the politlón, duly verifled, of Almira A. íleath, prayin that a certain tnstruuient now un file in th? court, purportint: to be the last wül and testament ol said deceased, may be admlltcd to probate, and thut she may be appoiutcd execntrli thereof. Thereupon it le ordered, that Monday, the twcntyflrst day of June uext, at ten o'clock in the forenoon, be assined for the hearing of aid pLtitiun, and that the deviaces, legatee and helri at lnw of said dfceased, and all other persone intereettd ín ?aid entato, are required to appear at a ueBSinn of said court, then to ne holden at the I'robate üfllce, in the city of Ann Arbor, and ehow cause, if any thure tu-, why the prayer of the petltioner honld not be jerantcd. Ana ít Is farther ordereri, thnt said petitioner íjive noticc to the pensonfl interested in sala estáte, of thc pendeney of Baid petition, and the hearing thereof, hy cansina a coty of thls order to be published iü the Ann Arbor Courier, a newspaper priutcil and clrculatiuf; in said county, thrce successtve wreks pnwous to said day f honring. (A truc copy.) WILLIAM 1). HAKR1MAN. Judte of Probate. WM.O DOTT. Probate Rceister. 988 991 Estáte uf Franklio S. 1 way. STATK OP MICUlOAN.Couniyor Wasbtenaw, Be. At a sessinn nf thc Probate Conrt for the Conntyof Washtiimw holden at the Probate Ofllcc, Ir the city of Ann ArlKr, on Thursday, the twenty-sftinlh day of May, iu thu year One thuand eiL'ht hundred and liL-tity. Preeent, William D. Harnman, Judgc of Probate. In thc matter of the estáte of Kranklin S. Ilemingfff, dcceiised. (n readiiiK and flllng the petition, dufy vcrirted, of Charles II. Wordon, praying that a ccrVlin inntruraent now on file In thls court, purportin to bfl the l;ii will and testament of said deceaiiod, may be admiued lo probate, and that bc and B. L. Hiilierl uiay be appoioted uxecutora thereof. Tbereapon it is ordered, that Wednesdny, the twoctythird iluy (.f Jone next, at ten o'clock in f'orenoon, be uspined for the huarinii of Baid tietition, 'iud that the devlseee, leñatees, and ifir at law of said deceased, and all other pereons interested in eaid estáte, are required to appi-ar ut i si'-Mon of said court, tlien to De holden at tho I'robate Ottlce, in the city ol Ann Arbor, and show cause, if any there be, why the prayer ot the petidoner eaooJd Dot grcatad. And it is rurther ordered, that mild intitimiur j;ive nut ice to the persons interested in aid estáte, of the pendeucy oí unid petilion, atid the heartne thereof, by ransing a copy of this order to be pubfished in the Ann Arour Uouritr, I niwsp.iper printed and circulatinK i" id county, thrrc sncceiBtve weeks previons to said day ol hearini;, (A true copy.) WILUAM D. HARKIMAN, JudLe of Proltate. WM. O. DOTY, Probate Reelster. 9S8 Wl Notice lo Crwlltors. STATK OF MH'IIKIAN, Connty or Washtenaw, kb. Notice is kerabf Kiv.n, that by au onlir ol the Probate Court for the Couuty of Waithtuntivv, m;idr i)ii4 the uvont'-euth day of May, A. i. f680, Blx mnntbs from that date ere allimtd ior Crodiiors lo preL-nt their claims aainst the estáte of dtMu-ri Allen, late of sald miimy, deceMed, nnd that II creditorw of saiil Mesiscd rcqulrefl to pregeoi Huur claima lo said Probate Court, at the Probate Ollii -e, in ilie rily of Anu Arbor, fbr cxamiuati'm am' allowanco, on or beforc the 17th day ol November neut, and tbat siuh claims will be htMltt belore snid court, mi Tucsdiiy, Ihe lTlh day nr Aul'USI, and OU Widnesday, tbc lTUidayol November nrxt, at ten o'clock In the forrnnon ot eiich of said days. Dnti-d Aun Arlxir, May 17th, A. D. lsso WILUAM l. HAKHIMAN, W7-W1 Judte of Probate. Estáte of James O'l'oiinor. QTATKOI''SIICIlUAN,Coiinlyorr:iíhtenan-,ss. At a seseion of the I'robate Court for the County of Washtenaw, holden at the Probate Olllce, in the city of Ann Arbor, on Mondny, thc tentli day ol M.iy, in ttie yi'iir ODe thousand eiKht hondred and aigMy. Present, Wliliam 1). llarrimau, Jodgeol Probate, In the matter of tho eetate of James OVonnor, decetsed. On rmdlns and flllng the peUtlon, dal; vurincd, otWIIIUa F. Itreaki-y, pmyinu that be or ¦ome otlicrlsultablc persou uuiy be npp.iiutud admln¦ trutor of said estáte. Thereapon it is orderod, that Monday, the ¦eventh day or June next, at ten o'clock in the forcnooTi, be asii;ned for the Iwitug of Kald petttion, and Unit the heiré at law of ald deceaacd, and all other pursons tntorustud in said estáte, are required to appear at a scsbIou of said court, tlim lo kolden n the FrobMe Ofllce, in the city of Ann Arbor, and show muse, if any there be, why the pr.'iv.T of the pctitloner should not be (,'ranted. And it is fermer ordered, thtt said peUttoner K'ivc notice to the liersous intereated in said estáte, of the pindfiicy of said petition, and the hearing thereof, by causin a copy of thls order to bc pubWted in 'I% Ann Arbor Courier, a newspaper printed and circulatinK in said county. three eaoceelvc wuek prvvious to sald day ol hearing. (A true copy-) WILUAM U. HARKIMAN, WM. O. DOTY. Probata Ret'lítcíí" ' SmÍSí Nollco lo Credltors. CTATK OF MIClllOAN. County orwaf.l,tenaw,se. r NotWo lx herebj Iven, thut hj au order ol üie I,nri lor tha Cmity ol Wwhwnaw, made on the oí May, A. 1. ISkii, six nuntln rrom that date were nllowed for credltor to prosent Lheto cMhi againl (he estáte or Thomwa Bmitb ateoi said county, decvased, and that all creditorsol snid deceued are required to present tholr claims to said Probate (iurt, at the Probate "fflc-, in the city of Anu ArlHr, for exaraination and allowance, on or before Ihe eichth day of November ntxt, and that sueh claims will be hcard before tald Conrton Saturday UwtereDth day ol Augtut, and on Montor, Hm ¦iKbth day wf Noveiubi-i next, at ten o' in th,orenoon ol each "I :ud days Datud Ann Arlior, Muy 7th, A. I) 1KK0 W11.I.1AM U. IIAKUIMAN, '('-HhJ Judjje of Probate.