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¦ Warner's Safe Kidney and Uver Cure. 't {FOTvxerly Jr. CraU'' Kidney Cure.) A vegetable preparation and tbe odIt Mr romdy in toe world fr B rifftit '¦ DÍhan, OiniMt-. and ALL KJdnej, LtTr, aad L'ri narj fílinifl "Te3timpnials oí the hlghest order la proof of these statements. SüfFor tbe cure of niabetc, cali for Wmrner'i Safe IHabete (are. "For the cure of HtlKtit' and theoibtr díseasos, cali for Wuruer ftafe BtUlaay and LJrer Care. WARNER'S SAFE BITTERS. It ís thebest Blood Parlfler. and atimulaUt every functton to more bealthful mctlou, auc i3 thus a benefit In all diseaaes. It cures ttcrofuloua and other Mkln Em f Eoi and DHeaes, includiog Caucn, VIc'r, and other Sores. I.YiMpÍa, Hrnkneu of(hr Ilomarh, CouBtipal ion. JXuinMi, GennU U#bllIt.r, etc., are cured by the Safe Bitten. It lê unequaledasan appetizerand regular toóle. Buttlea of two sizes ; prices, 50e. and 01.00. WARNER'S SAFE NERVINK Q'iickly kl ves Itrt and Sleep to the aufforlnf. cures Headache and Neuralgia prevenu KpilpptlcFlta, and relieves IVervoaa Prw trutiun brougtit on by excesslve drínk, ortfworlt, mental saocks, and otbercauMi. Towerfut as ll is to stop rain and toothe dltturbed Herves, It never Injure th jimin, whetber taken in small or large doset. liuLílea of two sizes ; pricea, S#e. and fl.M. WARNER'S SAFE PILLS Are nn Irumediate and active ttimolut tor a Torpld LiTcr, and cure Coativcntii. Dripiptl, BUI WTTHVWPI A lóala, Blllou DirI fclidMV Krha, ldUri, Ftf ¦ rrfrrljJLwfM I IhW and !- q(1 soDid iUluMK iiM I ¦ hv uwd wbetKTer tb HiMKLIZ HHSH bowplsdo nütopraí HllMH HW freely and rfguUrly. m TV A q otkar l'HU rjlr ¦ PVnfofrídTH r4 "" d fr kwtk ¦ i.'LIulilUUiU 14 wurk. t'rif e ttb eU. ¦ ki. BWnrffWWl 14 Hftrfrr'iSfoAcaÉAlMftr ¦ C-J 1 1 k iaiilLU al aod b Drul.u DU SÍZ__L ü 1 H. H. Warner & Co., 1 1 al??WVM ROCHESTEK. R. T. nfi5-iinii OÍD m RELIABIE, í n l.'iu SwFoun'.s LtvFj Ikvjooratob]! is iv r,:mi'i7 límwív for !' tuut ¦-¦ I . ¦ v t, SfeniBJoh: íl '¦"¦'¦''' '¦ !t is L'uivly ¦'Li! Vegetable.- 1 1 ncrof %4 I T; It is fl I I ! J SB 'éalllljiJ i uy practu'.v rl IWlaiul by the public,? la %% íor more th:ui 35 yi'iirs.j I1J% willi ir'procei'.cnti-il resultë.i !' SEND FOR CIRCULAR e T ui ofirnon ¦ n loa uniuDWtT. ' jSi í.n. AitlFORDi K.U., NswTOKX oi í f AN t IM' ITS RKlTTAI lOi. i N8 Ih S. LKltl II, AíiKNT.