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A Valuable Secret

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It is related of' Franklin that frotn the windnw of liis office in Philadelphia, he noticed a nieehanic aninng a nuiuber of others at work on a house which was betng erectod close by, who always appcarod ld lie i nnrry liuinor, aud who had a kind nd chr.ertul smile f'or evory one he met. 'Let the day bo ever 80 cold, glootny or suoloss, the happy smile daneed like a sunbeam on his cheerful countenance. Meet ing him one day, Franklin reuested to know tho secret of' his constant happy tlow of spirits. "It's no secret," the man repliod. "1' ve one of the best of wives, and whon I go to work she always gives me a kind word of encourap;eraent, and a Messing witli hst pMtiag kiss ; and wlicn 1 ko homo she i? sure to meet me with a sniilc and kiss of' welcmiie; and then toa is sure to be ready ; and we chat in the evoning, I find that t-he has been doing so tnsny thinga during the day to picase ine that I cannot find it in my heart to speak an unkind word or give an unkind look to anybody." And Franklin adds: "Whnt an influence hath woman over the hcart of man, to sof'ten it, and make it the foundation of cheerful and pure eruotions. Spoak gently then, a happy smile and a kind word of greeting after the toils of the day are over, cost nothing, and go lar toward ninkrug Uosné liuppy and cheerful."