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How She Blinded Him

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The following letter shows the ingenuity of a young bride who was obliged to show her cor.respondence to her tyrannical husband in writing to a lady f'riend, whom sbe had iostruotod, on parting from her, to read only the first, third, fifth, seventh (and so on, alternately, ) lines of her letters if' she wquld learn thü true state of her iuarried life : ' 'I can not be satisfied, my dearest friend, blessed as I am, in the matrimonial state, unless I pour into your friendly bosom, which has ever been in union with mine, the variuu.s deep sensations which Bwell with the liveliest emotions of pleasure, my almost bursting heart. I teil you my dear husband ia the most amiable of men. I have been married seven weeks, and have never found the least reason to repent the day that joined us; my husband is in person and marmer far from resembling an ugly, cross.disagreeable, jealous monster, who thinks by confiding to secure a wife, it is his inaxiru to treat as a bosom friend and confidant, not as a plaything or a menial slavu. the woman chosen to be his companion. Neither party he says, ought to obey implicity ; but each yield to the other by turns. An ancient maiden aunt, near seventy, acheerful, venerable, and pleasantold lady, lives in the house with us - she is the delight of tho young and the old - she is civil to all the neighborhood around, generous and charitable to the poor - I know my husband loves nothing more than he does me ; he flattera me_ more than the glass, and his intoxication (for so I must calí the excess of his love) often makea me blush for the unworthiness of its object.and I wish I could be deserving of the man whose name 1 bear. To say all in one word, my dear- and to crown the whole, my fortner gallant lover is now my indulgcnt husband, my fondness is returned, and I might have married a prince, without the felicity I find with him. Adieu; may you be as biest as lam unable to wish that I could be rnado more happy. ________