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Mr. Speaker The gentleman ia a deep dyed liar is the reason? Kir, I am personally responsible Mr. Speaker, 1 riue to a question of privilege The coininittee on the revisión of the laws Sir, Mr. Speaker, aui 1 to be denounced in this house aH The gentleman uiisunderstood me. In calling him a liar, I mean nothing personal. I say he is a seoundrel. Mr. Speaker, I accept the gentleman's apology. I had heretotbre considered him more a fool than a knave. I ara pleased to learn that he is equally both. I am personally responsible f'or Allow me, Mr. Speaker, to cali attention to a piecc of shameless iniquityin this bilí, whicíi is already í'ully known to the thieves and vampiros who have charge of' it. There íb, in the first section I would like to pair off At this critical iuncture the sergeant-atanus announced that two women and threc babies were waiting to sec two of the menibers, and af'ter agreeine that the evening session should be for detate on tinance