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U had been a fondly anticipatcü nope that the natnes of the next president and vico president of the United States would ap;ear at the head of this column today, luit wc have been doomed to disappointim-nt. The convention at this writing- Tliursday p. m.- in session at Chicago, have net as yet announced their decisión. In the meantime speculation ia rife, and guesees wild. We mifibt say any guess made ia wild, for the delegates are so evonly divided botween Senator Jumes G. Ulaine nnd Gen. Ulysses S. Grant, that a Hule turn in tlie tide might give the victory to eithor. Wisc beads, however, who have the seinblance of sharp political prognostication, aver that tuither of the two great leaders of the party can hj any possil.üity win the covelcd prize, but that Senator Geo. F. Edmundo ut' ermont, or Elihu 1?. Washl.nrae, of llliuoi.-, will be more likely to be choscn. One tbing is absolutely certain. There will be uo split in the party ; no bolting, and no hard feelinga. The fijfht bas boen a hard one, but the feeling prevails ainong all, that whocver ia victorious hhall llave the cordial, hearty, united support of the republican party. llurrah for the nominec!