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The Baptist church repuira will bc oompleted this week. Tho M. K. church excursión to Dotroit and Belle Islc last week Weduesday was a SUCCC38. A. Steger shippod 2,450 dozena of' tggi last week, says the Herald, or 35 bbls, with 70 dozen in eacb. N. A. Richards haa acceptcd the prin. eipalship of the St. Louis schools for the coming year at a talary of $'J00. Mr. A. Burkhart had án attaek of unstroku on Tuesday of last week. Dr. Sh;iw attended hiru. Pretty oarly in the season for that kind of busines-s. The Herald says; " Our streets have boen crowded to exoesn with wheut teams for the past four days. We counted no less than 125 on Monday last last and the average eacb day wub 75. IIow is that for a gmin trade?" The Michigan ChriBtian Advocate thus speaks of thi.s village and tho charge at Sylvau : " Chulsea is a beautiful and biuy village on the Michigan Central railroad. Methodisra U cared tor undcr the aduiimistration of Rcv. J. L. Hadson. The congregations are good, both at Cheleen villagc and Sylvan, the out appointment. Both churches are frec froiii debt, and therc is ability io the oongregations to carry forward almost any necesary ünancial eoterprisu. The basement of the church at Chrlsea was reeently rcfitted at a coat of' two or threo liundred dollars. The Advocate claims warm friends on this charge, and they aro also increasing in number. " DEXTElt The Baptist parsonage ia being painted this week. Parson Gage woars a broad sruile now. Mr. Ben. Howes, of Albion, N. Y., is here visiting his cousin Geo. Pratt ibr a few weeks. Many people in this villaje are monding their sidewalks or else putting down dcw ones. This is a niuch noeded work. Prof. Wilsou addressed the temporáneo mass meeting last Sunday night. üis lecturo ia bighly spoken of by those who heard him. J. R. Joyner has taken full possession of the llollaway House, near the depot, where he will be ready to cater to the umeut demands of the inner man in the future. Ed. Guiñan who was to acoompany Frank Evarts to Dakota last Friday feit called upon to stay at home whon the hour fbr departuro camo. " There'a do place," etc A large delcgation froin this place went to Jackson laet Sunday to attend the deiaonstration there made. Some were seen sleeping the nest day in a public place here, they having evidently seen too niuch of the demonstraron. The Dexter band took part in the exercises at Jackson. The Methodist held public services in thcir church last Sunday for the first time in two months, during which time the ohurch was undergoing extensive repairs. The church now looks inviting and cheerful. Rev. D. Edjpnr, the editor of the Leader, .preached in the morning after which the sacrament of the altiir was celebra ted. The Rt Rcv. S. S. Harris, D. D., L. L. D., Bishop of Michigan, paid his first visit to Dexter Wednesday evening. Preached in St. James' church in the evening and conlirmed scven persons, namely : Prof. C. A. Cook, Mr. Coy, Mrs. II. Stebbins, Mrs. D. Sac.ket, Miss Mary Bilbio and two ladies by name of Mrs. Flynn. An informal reception was held at the rectory after services. The Leader man don't appenr to understand our refcrence to hia notice of seven girls going-a-fibhing, who caught 42 fish weighing 2J Ibs. He says in conclusión to the notice of our item : " But according to his own showing it was such an infinitely decimal offence tliat whon divided by seven it can not do much harm." "Infinitely decimal!" The offenoe consisted in just that, and calling it good fishing. See ? The girls are in a quandary as to whether they sliould not perhaps mako allowance on the ground that this tuay be an honest opinión of good fishing on the Leader's precious figures. But as thore is not likely to be any troulile froui it, we shall dismiss the subject. Last Friday morning while Mr. and Mrs.( Woohtor Blodgott, of Webster, were on their way to Dexter to join the tempcrance procession and go to Ann Arbor, thcir horse got scared at something along the road, and suddenly running to one side of the road, tlnew Mr. Blodgett out of the buggy. He struck on his hcad on the ground, the lines caught hold of his feet and this stopped the horse, after dragging him a few yard?. Help was immcdiately at hand, who assist ed Mr. B. to arise, who at this time was uncounsoious. He soon revived and was taken home. During the day ho began to get worse, and in the afternoon a messenger was sent for the family physieian, Dr. Ziengen fusa, who unfortunately, was in Ann Arbor at this time. Jr. Ilowell was then called to sce him who administered remedies which oalmed him. Dr. Frothingham was then telegaphed for arrived a little before Dr. Z. who had got the dispatch in Ann Arbor, and carne at onoe to Dexter to see Mr. B. Concussion of' the brain was diagnosed and remedies aprlicd accordingly. Mr. B. , at this writing, is about and apparently as well as usual. He don't, however, remeiuber anything about his starting for Ann Arbor. Thero is a bl:ink of everything that happened within a spaoe of about one hour. YPSII.ANTI. A ruember of the band of tliia city, Mr. R. G. YounK, will contost for tho baritoue prize at Flint next week. From April 3Oth, 1879 to the same date 1880, Ypsilanti lost $7,930 by fire, and iusuranee companies paid $4,521 of tho loss. The oxamination of Wm. Boyco, charged with killing his son, an account of which was published last weck, was'posl poned until to morrow.