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Aniong living cre:itures, wc find none that sn helies its appcaraiuv as the mosquito? What an innooent little ihiog it looks Jike! Hlood-thirsty? Iuipossiblc ! See- as it alight-s beforo you, a thistle-dowu is bulky conipared with it ; the fl mting of' the dandelion is coarse besidu the nleader oatlines of tliia airy go&anier. None of the gauzewingedorbcetle-backedantomiesthat fiolic in the minshine appear less capabie of inflicting pain. As the niuiblc mosquito singa and dances fairly over your head, he seems innoceut comparad to yonder black spider. And jet your slightust movement the spider Hcuttles off, only too anxious to get out of the way ; while the little einger, so gracel'ul in the airy curves of its fhght, retroatü a circl hinlnr nnly tn n-luw the attatk at y6ar firnt ungarded moment. Ilis movemanui Ara as light as f earthly elements had iormed none of his component parts, or if he mlght live on mist or dew, as if his etherual frame fó"und its suppnrt in the moisture inhoront in the air ! "What a mi8takel There is nothing more bloodtlürsteiand more peristently inti-nt u pon satiafyiog his craving tor blood than this iuuocent-looking little hypocrite. The house-fly, ilighting on your tace and tickling you with his six rouh spongy feet - liad he a likc power to iuflict pain, to what annoyance would you be suject I If to the domestic animáis was giveo, in proportion to their strength and size, the power and wil] oí' the mosquito to iuflict torment, wht a world this wold he ; the lion and the tigur would be cotnparatively harmlas! mrwMM wMimm iM Wurely thrse innumerable and ubiquitous little pests were iven to toach us some lesson. We Gnd their prototypes in the torrnenting and harrassing nothings that worry our every-day lite, the sharp sting given under cover of apporently stnonth words, tho buzïing 6f malii-ioun tongues ; the hun.-., the ionueodies that aeeiu 8uch trifles and yet do no much to poison our hapjiness- these re the mosquitoow that 8tin the heart. You who find cause for coinplaínt that tíod should give life to such tormenting things in the animal world, is your conscienco clean that ou have not enacted the same part iu a higher sphere? Have your words and acts been always so f'ull of love and tendemoss, that you have nevet uill'ully inüicted pain on thoae uround you? It' you are carelesg of hurtniL,' the feelings of othern, look at yonder insect devouring its ephemeral exitence to its own oomfort at tho expense of yours, aDd say if you are not iuiitating the mos quito with your greater powern, and carrying the annoyance of the lower into the higher life. "Do the cliildreii learn the words of the scripture as they usuJ to?" askod a genman. "Are they taught to learn them by heart, and recite tlitMii MrfeoUyï" I hall never cease to thank (jtud f'or the verses i learned to say at my mother's knee." I hope sucu lcH.sons are not forgotten, or neglected, or put by at home. Picturobooks and Sunday-school books may so take np the attention of children that parents may yield to them. lteading is oasier, but it does not givc the strenthg or the nutriment tn the mind which learning and recitation do. I hope Sunday-school teachers do not let the queation booka tako the place of carcful recitation of ücrijiture texts. Bible truths in Biblc worHs, imprintcd on the mind of childhood, are like nails ('aö'ODcd in a surc place. A ncw device for the bedevilment of lovers was opcrated successfully by a heartless young man on the local train yeisterday. A couple xat in the seat bcfore him. The lady was young and modest, and the swain woro vcry lare cufFn. )nc arm was thrown carelessly along the back of the Fcat, and upon thÍH the evil-minded porson behind rubbed some phoaphorous. The affectionate perforinunceH of that cuff, when the train was rtahing through the kindly darknessof the tunneU, were beheld by all the unfeeling and snickering oceupants of the car, whoso cruel eDJoymcut was not a littlo increased y the dtímure and uneoncerned appearance of the lovers oach time the train