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Neglected To Say Which End

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Hero is ooe of the lloverend Robert Colyer's Yorkshire stories: "As a man oame out of church with liis bride he met an old corupanion, who said : "There, lad, I wisli thee much joy. Thee's gottcn to the end of all thy troublc." It was very good to be asfured of that, and the bride groom went on his way reioicing; but by-and-by he found things feil out hardly as he had hoped. And so, when hc met nis old corapanion on the street one day, he said with a very long face : 'I thought thou told me as I oame out of tiruisole church that I had gottcn to the end of all iny troublea.' I did teil thee so,' was the quiet reply, 'but I didn't teil thee which end !" If a tallow candle be placed in a gun and shot at a door it will go through without sustaining iüjury; and if a musket ball be fired into the water, it will not only rebound but be flattened ; if fired through a pane of glass, it will make a hole the size of the ball without cracking theglass; if suspended by a thread it will make no difference, and the throad will nofc even víbrate. Cork, if sunk two hundred feet in the ocean, will not rie, on account of the pressure of water. In the arctic regions, when the thermomoter isbelow zero, persons can converse more than a mile distant. Dr. Jamison asserts that he heard every word of a sermón at a distance of two miles.


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