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, - THE - ReadeR of this notice is invited to cali on u.s when visiting DETROIT. We promise a cordial wclcome and an attractive display of rich and artistic wares. M. S. SMITÏÏ l CO., [cwelers, Silversmiths, Watchmakers, and Dealers in Gems, Corner of Woodf ird ud' Jefferson Tenues, [JÜParticular attention given to mail orders. M77-1029 W. TBEMAÏN G-ElNriEIRJI-. Iiann An OFFICE A.T A.A.TERRY'SHATSTOHE rlli lirlllxii lilMirttm-c 4"m (of I-iondon and Kdinlmrfch,) Capital f 13,'O,0lU, Gold, Oulrolt Tire himI ln. ;. Uavh Awwi JflÓOOUO Sprliillel4l Iiim. 'mp'y. oITIh., 'ab Amcls.. ....... fl ,Sin,(Ki lloiviinl In. Co,, of - Vork, l'ilKh AiBCtS tl.O0(l,0OU. I i Illllll lll IllMIIHIKI Olll"j WATKKTOWN, - NJiW YOBK, Cash AbbcUi $1,2-10,000. Lnsso.s libcrully adjustcd and proniptly paid. ¦ _yr 'VATVATVAVAVATVAWVATNA'VAA, 1 f yuu aro a iiuiu of buiiiLS8, w.íJuiukI by the .tjain of ttyoa aro a man of letters, toltfng over your mi'lnlbt Wirk to resturo btula ntni' arni w a&W, oso It TOU .ireyoung nd ufforinpr f rom anr lniüwn tlnn or ¦i.-Lii,kUi'm ; if vou art iunrrtcd or aliiRli'. ulü 'r Íyouiití, Mitífrinirfrum poer hrjtlth m lnjiroaabed Of ¦irknest. rily on ¦ Whoevor you are, wheroYer you are, wlienever you teel tiiut your Hynteia tiHoda clonnKiñff tooiikg ur _ Btimulatfii, without fMf..xt. -tiïno, tako H ifATiyou duftpepttia, kiilney or ttrinary cemptaint, dl eueoXtfae ëtniruxch, toirt!s, M'txf, nyr,orcrt S V will bo rurivl if ynti no If joaorftBlnipIywwikand lowitplrttcd.trylt] BuyltIi.-idtuponifc Yourlmtr(rúitki'Mlt, It n7 lavo your llfe. It haa Mire4 hudrrü. HoLooeh i'urelithiw(tit,iff.lnJbt. Ak chiMr.a. Tha Hop J'-l fiTSUmwdi, Lirnr nd KirtDyi,lnpartor toall utiiiri. Curvi by kbiorpUoa. It li perfect. Alk dmggUU. D. I. C U ka UolaU fcod irwÜ car fur drmk- , ow of MMQ ottium. tnbKjcv W rifcreotte. llBK Ab..v -.ld by drutrU.Mop BitUn llfp., Co., R-hIímUt, N. Y . ftBUKH) DANDELION ï)r. WhitcV Duridflion AlU-rutivc, the Öret Blond Pniiflcr und Kenovatnr. A epecitic for LivcrCumil.iint. liiiiüumite, .t'hillH and Kever, Djtpepel. Kidiicy DiBtíae, Kheurn:itlPin nud ConstipalUm of Ae Bowela, Removed pimplen and PtUlownepH froiy the skiu, prti'Uiciu a citmr complexión. It ie piirvly vei;cUit)tf. perfectly liHrmlcss and plftMlint to tnkc I'int buttles only $1, and every bottle warrHiited. PULMONAKIA,,ApXr for Conghp, CoMí", Aethlna. Rroncliitie, Oronp, Whuopini' Cooeb and Inciiiiuut Cuusunitin. Filty ceotê per hottlf. Large bottlcn f I, and every hotllc vurr;iiitfil. For talc in Ano Arbur by Kburlmcb A Son, and drngglgts cvorywhere. 95&-1010 Unseruimlous purtiua ure ialHely repreontlng to connumera thut tbey are selllDg sblrta of our muuufacture. ilili l Mnle to Ord-r br n bear tmi UI. luaellble luk on Yoke, IHiui S LCINCI_NNATI, J "r ¦tt&iKfi-'ÏSrAK.'ÏSK WIU AU Othornaro Falsoly Represented. WILSON BROS. Importlng and Jobbing Men's Furnishers. J 980-993 k . Ju wETOorr TLIJl. CHE IIST IST . DOES AY WORK IS HIS LINK. Entines, Agrlcqltaral Machinory, Sowinu Mnchlnes nnd Uicka repalrod. Turntng, Key-fittlng aud rinilUg promptiï dunu, Keupe & icnud asturtmct of Cntlcry, Lockh aud Tooit, which wiU be pold chuap. No. 36 South Main Street, A.NN ARBOR. 9.ÜWIS9 STEFHEIT PEATT, Uanufacturcr of HIGH LOW AKD FRDSSURS BOILERS of 11 kinds, 3U3KIJ PIFI3, and all Dbo:: Ina Work 211, 210, 218 Congrces St. West, bbtwekn ntrmr Miph THIUD AND roUKTtl 8T0., lüULUlL IlilLfll. ïipilria; 4on. ïiteti ud BoUw Flato for Cito. tètuon To Inventors and Mechanics. l'Mt.-in iiikI lititv to Oblaln Pampblti of (V) pairea froc, upon receipt of stampa for poetare. AddrcsH O1LMOUB, 8M1TH & CO., Sollcitore of Patent, Box 31, 9ÜÍU Waohinuton. D. C. QOAL! CO AL! O. W. 8HIPMAN, MUiiT and wliolosale doalor of thf cilfbratod BRIAR RIDGE COAL. AL80- Dealer in Hard Coal and Vig Iron. Order promiitly flllefl. Ofllce, 90 Grinwold dtrnot, Dotrolt, room 8 963-1004 11 I lITrn ACCNTS TO SELL TCA, 9Ti-101a