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The PontiacGazette says that u new democratie paper is to be establtshed in that city. Oue which will represout the democracy in all its Tildenish glory. If therc is any one thing abovo another that an editor does Iiko, it is to wade through two colunjns of business locáis in an exebango to find a quartcr of a column of news. With tho ituue of June 4th, the Wayne County Uourior, publiahcd for Wyandotto. with office in Detroit, by E. O'Brlen, Jr., and Henry A. Griffin, very tnodestly says : " With this numberthc Courier oommences its tenth year. ' ' Referring to the West l'oint trial, the Wyandotte Herald says : " Wlüttaker is found guilty and put under arrest. The court decides that he wrote tho note of warning, and acoordingly mnst have known who couimitted the outrage, even if ho did not do it hhnself. ïhe verdict will cause no surprise. West Point, howevor, has been on trial as well as Whittaker during thé past few weoks. ïhe court was onl' authorizcd to render one Terdiot. The other verdict is far more important." The Weekly üazette, nublished at Bello vue, JSaton county, by Edwin tí. lloskins, closed its ninth volume with the iasue ol May 27th. This paper has recently been enlarged and improved, and takes rank aiuong papers represonting larger comuiunities in point of excellence. The editor in remarking upon the eyent says : " This number closes volume nine of the Gazette, and we shall have something to say of volume ten, in our nuxt. We would very much likc to pay all our debts and thon go into the muney-lending business, as we might do if every man who has not paid us for all of tho 468 papers we havo furnished him, would do so now. " The last issue of the Mt. Clemens Monitor comes to us grcatly enlarged and inproved. Froin a sinall folio form it haa taken a largo (juarto, and anpears in a new neat dress of brevier. The life, energy and ability which Megars. J. E. Nellis & Son have infused into this journal sinoo they first took hold of it, a littlc more tban a year ago, has wrought a wonderful change. It shown what business ability can do. The republicans of Macomb county may soon count on tho extinction of the democratie majority if these energetic publishers continue as they have begun. A live place makea a live paper generally speuking, but in this instance we are inclined to think the paper has largely aided in making the plaee a live one. The ü rand Traverse Herald, respecting the sun spots whioh are now agitatiag the sciontifio world says this: "The present method adopted by scientists of basing weather predietions on the condition of spots on the huii, is being watched with much interest. The third group of sun Bpots that havo appeared during the past month nre now rounuing tüa eaHern limit ot the sun. Lt tlic theoncs are true, rernarkable eloetrioal disturbances may be expectod to manifest thomselves during tho next week or ten days. Those astrononiors who made caloulations on the return of the sun spots and predicted a hot term for 1880, begining in tho spring, have proved thcmselves excellent weathcr prophets thua far." If the Herald had said wet weather in the place of hot, he would have bit it for tliis región. The Detroit Post and Tribune refera to the hot water in which Governor Colquitt, of Georgia, has unwittingly got himself by what would be eonsidered a very simple thing in the north : " The office of governor has always boen supposed to oarry with it some honor, and, when the salary is ampie, a little profit, but ' 'way down in Dixio' there are also little pcrquisites in the way of opportunities to riso up and explain. Gov. Colquitt of Georgia is now passing through one of those explanatory episodes, llid ' high-toned ' oonstituents have him in a tight corner, hedgodin with evidence from which there is no escaping, and they aro nietaphorioally soorching him on the coala oí' their hot wrath. líe, a govemor and defender of the democratie faith, has actually, wickcdly and perversely ' attended a nigger meeting.' Georgia is at her wits' end, and her people- that is the 'crackers,' 'sand-hillers,' and other whitos - wita oaths on tbcir tongucs' end, demand that Colquitt shall explain. Ho answers : 'Ido not bcliove that beiDg governor makes me too great to meat the humbleatof my f'ellow men at worship.' All of which would be vcry true in the 'benightcd north,' where this would be regarded as a very proper sentiment. But Georgia society is in aferment, and hor govornor in hot water, all bccause lic attended a meeting of a few colorod people who through ignorance and troublc were seekiog divine guidance on the rood to Heavcn. And there are people who say that Georgia uegroes are free, and that ' her whitos accept the resulta of the war.' While tho governor of Georgia is explaining to Georgmns, the pcoplo of the nortli will think." Tho Adrián Timet thus Iets a little light in upon tho motives which aetuaten Senators Hampton and Hutier, ot' South (JaroUna: " Itwouldafford all republicana pleasuro to sou Houie evidunee that the Houth i.s no longer ' solid ' for a party and policy at war with all that ha.s been done nee 1 860. Those who sco in tho speeches of Sonators Hampton and Butler, of South Carolina, in opposition to the resolution to unxeat Senators Kellogg, of Louisiana, evidence of a break in the 'solid south ' line, must havo some light that has not been given to the ruass ol' republicana. It canoot yet be forgottcn that thi.s samo Hampton, in the early days of tho present administraron, showed many signs of an earnest desirc to break down the ' solidity' that has so cursed tho south and troubled the wholu country. Very many republicana believed in the bidcority of bis talkthen, butthoy also rcniembcr that lie turned his back on all his good plcdgcs and gave encouragement to the tissue ballot fraud, devised to strengthen and maintain the ' solidity ' of the bouth. Hampton and Butler, the latter particularlv, would be reoreant to obligations that no man could disregard or repudíate without dishonoring himself, if' they had ruf'used to oppose the eflbrt to unscat Kellogg. Butler was seated by a republican senate dcniite the fact that his titlo was obscure, on the understanding tbat Kellogg's title to his seat should bc respected. The country so undorstood the matter at the time, and the assertion now, by some democratie senators, that there was no such underatanding, only illustrates the utter untrustworthinoss of democratie agroements. Hampton and Butler oppose the effort to unseut Kellogg, because they sec that the republicana are likely to soon havo tUe majority in the senate, in which eyent the fact that they had repudiated their pledgu in refiirence to Kellogg, niight opérate to their disadvantagc in case their title to scats in the Senate stiould be questioned. The oourse of the two senators has no rignificance whatever as indicating a break in the ' solid south.' It indicates nothing more than that thoso two gentlemen are wise enough to ' hedge ' ugainst trouble to themsolves personally." Dudley Buck has composed a new song, entitlcd the " Tho Projwsal." It is probably written in the same kcy of " Ho mino, ah I "