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Casto lia Millloiis of MotUers oxpress tlicir dolight over Castoria. It is nature's remcdy for issimilating tlic food. Unlike Castor Olí, it is pleasaut iotake,ud iinlikcMorpliliip Syriipsjitishariulcss. (Pastoría ropuIntpN the Bowf Is, destrojs Worms, Cures SOUR CURD AND WIND COLIC, and allays Feei Nfcness. What glves licrtltli to the Cliild promotes rest for the Mother. Chlldrou cry Tor Pltclicr's Caslorin. It, is the most reliable, effective and popular art Iele dispensed lij Drugglsts. NEVER Slncc ImltM ramdlM havo been usud ly SUrrERING MAN haa thero bcon known such absolute Pain-rolieving n'i'iiU u tin; CENTAUR LINIüSeNTS. They sootho hoal and curo. They IIBAL- Cuts, Wonmli, Oalls, Old Sorca, Droken Breaste nnd Sore Nlpplcs ; TUK- Ialn In the Back, Rhsumitism, Sclatlca, Lumbago, Neuralgia, Kamclie, Tettcr, Pimples, I trh, Salt Itheum, and all ïlesii, boue and niueclc alimenta of Animale ; StlBDVIK- Inllamniatlon nnd Swcllint;? ; Holls, Felona, Ulcera, 8orc Throat, Bronchitis, Croup and Quiney; E.XTRAOT-Pain from liurns, Scalds, Stinps, Frost-bitee, Hpriiins and Uruisc. The cxperlcnce of contarles haa made tl' CENTAUR Xiiniments the most epecdy and cffoctivo curativt tiirc-ntn for MAN and BEAST tha world hae ever known. The Centaur LINIMENTS liavu relleved moro lot-rldilen Crlpplc ; liiHlrd moro frlnilu! woundSi and aved more aluablc niiluialu tban al) other lininieote oinUncnto, olls, -extracte, plaeterei and so-callcd "pain killers" and "skin caree" combined. PIiyMlclaus and Veteriuary Surseons endorse the Coutnur l.lnlmi nl. ; mtlllons of men, wnBIM and childron In atl countrion uno tUeiii, and ITiWMtMlUH. Farmer, Plantere, Travelsre, Llvirymen, Tenmsters and Stock-erowore, re thelr piaron. Tboy are clean, thfy ar.' liaiitly, thcy ure clieup, aud thny rc rcllable. Therc la no nlii-, pain, or mII1iik whicli they will not alluviatc. sttMno, or on n-. Bold throughout tuk ii m rviti.i: clobr for 50 ccntH and $1.00 a botlle. Trial bottlce, ¦i:. . .111. Catarrhal POZSOIT Wel De mcyer'8 'I'rciitl-o on Catarrli explaina the following important facta : 1. TJuU Catarrknl CoUis becomc a jioUonoits inOr-lUrn, at flrst local, aud flually constitutioiml. 2. Tuit, luiiii Coni-tltaUonal, the infectiou ie ¦ yond the reach of more loaü remedies. :i. Thai impiñíieii in the nostrlla are neci-ssarlly gwailownl lato the tlomach nd iniuUtd iutu the Iting, thus poimning the DlgortfVe, Kj)lratory and Genito-Urinary orenns. 4. liutt Vatarrhai virus followe the miicou niembrnne and caneca Deafness, Dyspepeia, Chronic Dlarrhiua, Bronchitis, Ixüicorrhiea, and GotautOption. 5. Thai. Smohet, Douches, Inhalatlona, and Insolabic Snnll's, atiinnl poetibly remove infectious iiiilnnimation Trom the organn hamed. i. 77utí nu anvlote tor Uaüirrh mnst pogacaa an an irwculruive. afllnity for, aud the qnality of helng absorbed by, the purulent mucons wherever located. liascd npon these plaiu thcories, Dr. Wei De Meyer's Catarrli Cure lias proved to be infalllble. It not only relieves, It cures Catarrli at any stage. Home test ini mi : Cured! Cured! Cnred! Cured! W. D. Woods, 1S7 Broadway, N. Y., Cnrcd of Chronic C'aUrrh. F. J. Haslett, 850 Broadway, N. Y., 4 yeare Catarrh. O. L. Brueh, 413 Broadway, N. Y., 10 yeare Oatarrh. S. llencdict, Jr., Jeweler, (197 liroadway, N. Y., (lady friend), cured of Chronic Hay Fcvcr. Mre. Emma ('. Bowee, 89 V. WuMngton Square, N. Y., carcd of 'iO yeare Cbrouic CatJirrb. Rtv. (}o. A. Rcia, lfi Jay Ht., Brooklyn. " It reetored me to my miulaturinl labora. 'r Rev. Chas. J. Joue, New Brighton, S. I. " Worth ten timca tlie cint." Kcv. Alcx. Frees, Cairo, N. Y. " It has worked wooder iu -ix cases In my parish." L. F. Newman, 305 Fiilton St., Brooklyn, cured of 4 years Ohronic Catarrh. Mre. J. Swartz, .'r, 2011 Warren St., Jerecy City, cured of IS yeara Chronic Catarrh. &c. &c. &c. &c. Ac. A real care for this terrible mnlady ie the most important diacovery for the relief of human stilTering since vaco in ut ion. Wel Ie Meyer's Catarrli ('nre is sold by all Druggists, or tlelivercd by D. B. Dewkt & Co., 4ü Dey 8t., N. Y., for 1.5O a package. To Clube, lx packap;eH for S7.5O. lr. Wel Ie Mfjcr's Treatlne, with full explanations and ovcrwhelinlng proofe, la poHt-pald and eent frev to nn.vborty. 'J52-1U02- cow OLD AND RELIABLE. {Dr. Sanpoud's Ltvek IsviaoRATon S 1 is ft fltanflurrl Fumily Remotly for ! ! Jiscascs of the Livor, Stomach 3pí ? J anl Bowels. - It íh Purely jkM'M [ J Vegetable. - IJ nnver T I (ra - . , KM wdÉl !BíIl#""" 'i;is '"''" "¦''' 'áÉlVll wMj '" "IV r:" '"'¦'¦ ;l IWIj?'""! hr iho v.'ii'i''1- '¦IV f'r more tli:ui 35 jc;irs, ' lí vith unpreccdented remdte. J ÍK send for circular.' 2 c t w cAMcnün u n iea u"W'ï.i S iff BKUMIST WILL TM.r. YOI ÏT8 ltriiiTHis. I MQ L. s. lERdl, AGENT. ¦¦ BUY A HOME IN MICHIGAN. $5 TO 10 PER ACRE! S(i-ii; Woll! Kurc 'rupi! Knllroad iltioiiKli OlllPr of I.JtiwH. llntllli. i liiii:it'. SfhooU nuil ihurrlMi. lilt-lll'flt 1'opUlHllOIl. HICHEST REWARD TO FARMERS. : ns (Ilntnncp 'j '¦ the MlMimippi River. fdirge amonnt sa.ve1 In lr:i . i ;iiul tTaimpiTtalion of rnilJ Uve luuiiiiiiit'i In KntrliKli and (ícrmaii. Addrea W. O. til .HIKT. Commlssiniirr, (Irand BapMi, HlchlCM (81-1008 riüFFINS AND 0A8JÍS I FULL STOCK AT MARTIN X. AU ordo prumptly atluudod to.