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American Ball-Blue is a product of Ncience applied to the housckceper's wants. Pure, harmloss, and of beautif'ul effect. Try t ! 989-'J'J2 A Remar kablo AnM'eriodlc and Tob ie. "Cincho-Quinine," pronounced superior to Sulphate Quiuine by physicians, because it produces no diaagreoablc effect upon tho head or stoinach. Dosc is tho samo as the Sulphatc, and prioe is only $1.50 per ounce. Sold by all Droggist Sent, postaire paid, on reueipt of' price, by Billings, Clapti k (Jo., Cheuiists, Boston, Mass. Siifloriiigr Woman. There is but very siuall proportion of tbo wouieu of this nation who do nol suffer IVoni asme of tho discases for wliicli Kidncy-Wort is a specific. When the bowels havo becoiue costive, hi adache torracuts, Kiduuys out of üx, or pilos distress, take a package, and its powerral tonic and renovating power will cure you and give now lile. ¦ Color Your Biitter. Fariuern that (ry to sell white butter are of the opinión that dairying does not pay. lt' ihey wou!d uso Wells, Richardson t (Jo's Perfected Butter Color, and markot their butter in perfect condition, they would ftill get sood prices, but it will not pay to make any but the best in color and quality. Thia color is uscd by all the leading creauicries and dairynien, and is sold by Drucgists and tnerehants. Listen to This. The unbiascd opinión of somc of the most intelligent medical uien in this country and Kurope, support tho statement that Kidnoy-VVort is the greatest discovery yet for curing KMney and Livor troubles, piles, and eonstipatimi. It acts on both Kiuneys and Biiwels at the same time and thus tho wholc syhtcm. i rn in the II uli. There is perhaps no tonic qffered to the people that nosesses as much intrinsic value as the Hop Bitters. Just at tliis season of tho year, when tho stoinaoh nceds an appetizer, or the blood needs purifying, tbc cheapest and best remedy is Hop Bitters. An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure, don't wait until you are prostratcd by a difioase that may tako months for you to recover in. - Boston Globe. A Fine Thing for the Tcetli. Fragrant SOZODONT is a composition of the purest and choicest ingrediunts of' the Oriental vegetable kingdom. Kvery ingrediënt i.s known to kave a beneficial effect on the teeth and gums. lts cmbalming antiseptic proporty and aromatic frapranco makes it a toilet lusury. SOZüDONT removes all disagroaablo odors from the brcath caused by oatarrh, bad teeth, &o. It is cntircly free from the injurious and acrid proporties of tooth pastes and powders whieh destroy the cnamel. One bottlo will last six months. 989 99Ü Baby Prizos, ?OOO. Am eminent bankor's wifc of N. Y., has ioduoed tlic proprlotórá of that preat medicine, Hop Bitters, to oll'i'r 1000 in prizes to tho youngest ohild that saya Hop Bittors plainfy, in any lanuago, between May 1, 1880, nd July 4, 1X81. This Ú a liberal and interest ing offor, and cverybody and liLs wi('i! sliould aend two cent stamp [to Ou; Bfltf) BitterH Mfg. (!o., llochcstcr, ii. Y., II. fS. A., for circular, giving full partieulars, and liogin at once to tcaeli the chiidren to say Hop Bitters and secure the prize.