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The Why And The Wherefore

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OF THE EAT RIMI AT BACH & ABEL'S 1,1 Tl.ey airy HM lai-j.'-! -lor oí all kind. of ï.oI l ¦" found ' Arl.or, W,i, "ir 'issiY.irTSs 'ïsk.m - r..r..M.i..B 2. h-w.-,-. ¦. „„„,,,„, LbCm! F,..l.rl.l. ri.s, PWMth, Itil.l.-.ns l'ans !., a.Ml lam lr. GC, nsurc 1o lluir ,.,.lr .. ..¦.....! i ry Ie ll.ey wl.h lewcr il can b. KmhmI ... U ¦'-"!. ¦ ... U Ni,. One prico and a low price for Ladies', Cents' and Children's and Summer Underwear. PARASOLS ! PARASOLS ! Oiir itrrtT of Parmaoli H.i priiis il novel, rarted aiul ileali.. Thcy are In eolor an,l lile 10 n.aleli tkc MralllBg rtjrlei oí lresv fMMh, leli.s In allii, Shk, BnwiM, uilli aMrl,, mmm 11 I _ LOW PR1CES PREVAIL IN THIS DEPARTMENT. 0W-ÍSST SïfcKST $H.K$T $Jt.K$T Illaii.liHoivUiltfi(l UMI WC leod Ihe Silk Trade in tlic inlerlor ol" tlic i.lnlc. Wc huve MlTMtuei 110 kOBW in IbU sectloil ))(. ixpceial allenlion ealled lo our liaiulMun, Illaok Silks ut 55, ',, 75, WO and IOO enls. Elegant Blaek Mik, l.eavy eiionKl. lor MCfca, al LM, i1.:ïJ and I. IÍ). Alto a fi.ll line c,ually as cheai Irom 1.O lo l.00 per yard. The grea! fcOTflw for tlic next ten day will te our $ .25 Co!ored Silks at SI.CO. Wó respectfully cali your attention to the above, where you wlll find faets and figures worthv of vour notice. It s to your own interest, and you can not afford to let the opportunity escape you? llEMEMKIiR THAT TUK PLACE '10 TBADB IS WHKKKTHKV MAKE l'RICKS. . NOT WIIKKK THKY MKKT THEM. BS-OH &c ABEL, CASH DRY COODS HOUSE.