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Doctors May Disagrec as to tho best methods and riiinediea.oi the euro of constipation and disorderct liver and kidneys. Iïut thoso who liavt used Kidney-Wort agree tliat it ia by far the best medicine known. lts action is prompt, thorough and lasting. Don't take pilla and other inoreurials that poison the system, but by usiog Kidney-Wort restore the natural actioo of all tlie organs. To Mako (iilt-Edfc'e Biitter. Every dairyman wishes to pet the toi price for his butter. It can be done by having it perfect in quality and appearanco WUen tho color becoraeH light it is neces fary to add a little of Wells, Kichardsoi & Co's l'crfected Butter Color to keep i up to the June standard. Many wel knovtn butter buyers recomnicnd all tbeir patrons to use only this preparation, as it gives the most perfect color. American Ball-Blue is a product o science applied to the housekeeper's wants. Pure, harmless, and of beautiful effect Try it ! 989-UU2 A Fine Thlng for the Tecth. Fragrant SOZODONT is a compoxition of the purest and choicest inredients o the Oiiental vegetable kingdom. liver ingrediënt is known to kavo a beneficia effect on the teeth and gums. lts embalming antiseptic property and aromatic frugrance makes it a toilet luxury. SOZO DONÏ reuioves all disagreeable odorw from the brcath caused by catarrh, bad teeth ka. It is entirely free from the injurious and acrid proporties of tooth pastes anc powders whieh destroy the emrael. One Bottle will last six months. 989 992 When exliausted by mental labor take Kidney-Wort to luaintain healthy action of all organs. Cou8uinptlon Cured. An old physician, retired from practice, haviug had placed in his hands by an Kasi India missionary the formula ut' a imple vegetable remedy for the speedy and per manent cure for Consumption, Bronchitis, Catarrh, Asthma, and all Throatand Luug affections, al.o a positive and radical cure for Nervous Debility and all Nervous Complaints, after having tested its wonderfa curative powers in thousands of cases, has felt it his duty to make it known to his suffering fellows. Actuated by this motive anc a desire to relieve human suffering, I wil send free of charge to all who dosire it, this recipe, in Germán, French, pr Knglish, with full directions for preparing and using. Sent by mail by addresmng with stamp naming this paper, W. W. Shearer, 149 Puiccrs' Bloclc, RocJwster, N. Y. 958-993 e o w SANFORiyS RADICAL CURE For CATARRH A purely vegetable distillation entirefy unlike all other remedies. IN the preparation of thls rcmarkablo remedy every hurí), plant, and bark Is subjected to dlstíllatíoa, whereby the easoutial medical principie is obtalucdln vapor, condensed and bottled. What remalns Ín tho Btlll Ib Inert, valueiess, and totally nnflt for ase lo as organlsm ho delicate as the nasal pawaees. Yet all ínuffa are Insoloble compoundaof woody ubre; all Uno turen, satúrate d solntloofl. SANFORD'S RADICAL CURE Isalocnl nnd cnnstltntional remedy, and Is appUed to Iba um] ptaeafTM by inwmiiiuioii, taai aiiuyinK inflamniatíon and pain and Ht once correctlng, cleaoslng, andpurifylng tho ecretions. Internally admlnistered, It acts upon the organs of circulation, keept the skin molst, and neutralitea the acid poison th at has found lts way lnto the stomach and thence into tho blood. TIiur cur protfreBflps In both directions, and It does not seern poRRlble for human lnenulty to deviso a more ratlouttl treatment. SURPRISIN6 CURE. Gentlemen, - Ahont tvelvo vears aífo, while travel llntí wlth Father Kcmp's Uld Folks Concert Troupe iu a tenor alnger, I took a severo cold and was laid up at Newark, K. J. Tlils cold broughton asevere attack of Catarrh, ¦w'lilch I battlcd wlth every known rcmedy for four weeks without avaíl.and waa finally obllged to give up a moet deslrable posltion and return nomo, uoable to sing a note. For thn'o ycars aítcrwards I was unable to Ing at all. The nrat attack of Catarrh had left iny nasal organs and throat no Rensltlve that tho elightest cold would brlng on a fresh attack. leavin? me proBtrated. Iu thls way I continued to uffer. The last attack, tho severest I ever bad, wa terrible. I 8 "- fered the moet xcruclatlr.g pain lo mj head, wa so boarso as to be Bcarcly &blo to Bpeak, and conghed Incepnantly. I thonght i was golng into qnlck con¦umptlon, and I ftrmly belleve that had these symptoniB contlnued wlthont relief ther would have reo dered me an capy vlctlm. hen ín thls dlstretwmg condltlon, 1 cnnimenced tho nsf of Bamtoed'b Kadioal Cure Fon Catarro, very reluctaatly. I confesa, aa Llia d trlcd all the advcrtlsed remedii s wlthont benefit. Tho llrst doBe of thlB wondorful medicine r&g me the greatestrclipf. It la hardly possiblofor one whouehead aclu-8, oyes arhe, who can scarcely articúlate distinctly on account of tho choklng accumulatlon In hls throat, to realizo how much relief 1 obtalnrd from the flrs t ap811cntlon of Sakford'b Kaijioal Curk. Uoder lts Inuencp, botli tnternal and esternal, I rapldly recovered, and by an occaslonal use of tbo remedy slnce. have been entlrply free from Catarrh, for tlio flrst timo Ín twelve yeant. GIO. W. OLBROOK. Valtdast, Mass., Jan. 8, 1S76. }'. S. - I purchaui! the UadicaL CCKK OÍ GEO. H. ROGEKS. Drugf lst, Bumford BoildlDg. Earh packaKR contains Dr Snfprd's Improved Inhallnu Tnbe, wlth full dlrectlons for Un iQ aii rftrtpa PrIcc,$1.00. or Bale by all Wholesale and Iletali u?'KlPt througtiout tho l'nltod StatoB and Cañadas. M'KKKS A POTTEK. General Agenta and Wholesale Drugglhtw, Boaton, Masa. VOLTAIG PLASTER An Electro-Galvanic Baltery combinad with a highly Medicated Piaster containing the choicest medicinal Gums and Balsama known to modern Pharmacy. Thcse PlasterB have nrnv been, before tliö public for two yeara, and, uoiwlthstamlliitt the Immense number of re medí el Ín Hih form of linhueiitü, lotluus, paln rurcrn, and ortlnary platcrti, tíu-y huvo siendlly lucrcaMul Ín h!b and ínt-t wtth universal appruviil, as cvldtnced by over oí. e th' lummJ unsulicítud ti-Rtlinonidlri Ín our puiw.'filon. Many ren urkitblc '.n-ti liuve Leen crrtiik-il to by well-known c!tlzf!:S In all part of the lult. d MaU -a, copies of whlch wt!l ha Bent free of chnrK'r f Bpyoilé (!t:gjrliiir tli'-ni. Inipiovements, In many ways, havo been iiihiI", n onggcittcd by expcrk'iico and UM-,untll lt 1 bcllvCiUiiut tlicy are oow perfect In evcry lcnpcct, ud the btat plièl?r in the worldqf medicine. All w cwïc lium tvt-ry sufferor In the land 1 u hiuylc trl.-.i. Tlie pricc te 25 cuts, alt houga the cnHt 1b dnnblc t' :t of tiny other plnuter. lint, notwltbstanrtlntr the ffbrte of thf pmprietors to mnke the tft pliwter In tlio wnrld fir the loant moni'y, nny simllnr reim'ily cnn be bought, nnmbcir of unBcrnpnIoub dealen will bo found ri-ndy t nilHrcprcpfnt them Tor ntfjbih. motlPê mul endeavur to Bul)Stitut otliera. Do nút allow yuuraelf to bu lmpoBed apon. Aak for COLLIKS' VOLTAIG PLASTER And Inslst upon ïi&sr.ff what you are wllllng to paf for. 8old by all Wbolesale arul Retal] Dnitfglsts tb,coQ({h outtliR f'niicd States mili Cañados, and by Wikku & Potter, lroprliitur, lïoBton, Masa. 9SQ-99O TUTTJS HED.I symptomsTf'F torpid liver. Lom of Appotite. TJauaoq, bowolacostivo tae ImcJTart, Pain undorttic ahouldcrblad lneaa oí'ter eatin, wiüi a dia i matton ' t'xTl K'Hi t'l y ¦.(- niiiu.i, Irrlnieino2itfeo3ELhtiviniieKlocted rtrQtsTöïoreTsTyea, Yoll.iwnujTrSeixfacihn, Mwtlwn'W ftt SgETTSgEIycblorcd Urme. IF THESE W AENINGS AEE Ü1ÍHEEDED, SERIOUS DISEASES WILL SOON BE DEVaOPEtt TTTTT'S PILLS are cpeplnlly nilapt! o fturh riuKt ooedone eñrcLMHurh u rliunge of ffclina nn to n-Mtontwh f hp wuflVrfcr. A Noted Divine says. Dr. TUTT - Dear Sir i For ton yam I hnvti heen a mart y r to r'iMTwiiilVinstipatifn tm Pili. Last S[jrtuynur Pilis wtireroconinindl ; 1 umt) thm I ftm iicjw ft wollmnn, hftvt good OfipWitA, difrHfion ierfot, regular Btoom, pilen gom, npd havtuined iortypouniftnh.'lh'y nntrfn-ththfirwniirtit introll Bar. i íj.-ivahi,Ky. Thry InrrraiïlmVpix'litr, imd cíuifc hr body to Take on Fleslu Üum tbfl tyHt-in la nourinhedt nul by tln-ii Tmiic Artloti OD (ho Difftfütive Ornan, Iti'iralar NtooU aro produc l. rrirc2r r.-nK. M Jlurrnv Si.. N. V. TÜTT'S HAIR DYE. (HAY H.U1! OH WlIIRKI lis ohuCMl I" " l'ï III.ACK l)ïU.illliloiMillCIIOMI.I tllll, IIVK. Il " linrl n Nnliirdl Otlr, IK-lH hu4nl;iiii'iinly I ov Dnfyute ot WDt by imw m on wowipl ol VI Office, 35 Murray St., New York. VA 100-i