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T0AGROLJURÏSTS The undersigned aro uow manufiicluriiiK i B salt for fertlllztng purpoHeR that Is pecnliarly nclapted to the ime for whlcli lt is dcsigned. It ík cntirely frce from dirt, or hard lump, and Is made by a procet whlch leaves incorporatcd in the salt all the valuablo plant food, as well as lngrediontR ealcnlated to free and ronder soluhlo tUe Ammonla alroaily contaiucd In tliu soil. We propose to place the prlce so low that none shall be deterreil from glvlng lt a fair trim. The URe of salt for forti llilnB purposes !h no longor an experiment, bnt ban Inon lully provin, not only sclonllnVally and thcorelically, but practlcally, by scores of onr most successful agrlculturlsts. We lierewltU present the experlence and oplnions of sonio of the leading Farmers and Hcienlixts of thia and othor conntrlcx, hoping that the perusiU of the saino may be mutually ln-nt(lcial. We shall continue lo gather such itatlstlcs as we can on tlils mibject, and hope enih mul every ono wlll ald ns iu this by givlng us the tn'nt'IH of his exporienco. Orden and communlcitionR may be addrafMd to eilher of the undersigned, wlio wlll furulshall necessaiy inforination as to pi lies, transportatlon, etc. THE MICHIGAN SALT ASSOCIATION, KiustHaglimw, Micb. THE AMERICAN DAIRY SALT CO., (Limited) Hyracuse, N. Y. THE OHIO RIVER AND KANAWHA SALT CO., Cluclnnatl. Olito. Mr. .Inrne Tolhert, per K. O. Brown, hou thii alt for enlc at tho Kcrdon Lumber Yard in thia city. SSS.yr FËRDONIiüMBERYARD JAMES TOLBERT, Prop., Mauufiictnror and Dealer In 8ACINAW GA1-SAWID LUMBER, LATH AND SHINÖLES. We invite Hll to rívo un a cali, and examine om etock bufore purctaain elsewhcre. ALSO AGBNT FOK JACKSON SEWER PIPE CO., AND SBLLS FIRE BRICK. JAMES TOLBERT, Prop. T. J. kKKt'H, Hupt. feb.ia7! HANGSTERFERS OYSTER AND ICE CREAM PAELOES, 30 AND 32 MAIN ST. CATERING FOR PARTIES AND BANQUETS a iPHumt ireMtng Mfoaj to Orram, Macuroon and ('resm KiK l'ymmldB . MADE TO ORPKll ON PIIOUT NOTïrF, WhiiniuM'H Krench Cnndics, Frffli Fii'H, Mm1i-i Jr:ii, Kluiiilii Oranecs, 4c, c, KKI'T CIINMTANTI.Y (IJi I1ANI) AT HANGSÏERFER'S 30 AND 32 MAIN STIÍKKT. BOATS TO RENT AND FOB SALK. 969-1010 ANTON EISELE, DKAI.KK IN MLÜEEMMH i 4 ¦PyEt3tiSKií. L J " The public lf inviten to coli ftd xaroino spectmeni of the colebrated KNOXVILLE,TENN.,MARBLE Of whlch we bave a pupply of irejv d?lgUB. It is superior to any marblc in bertuty nnd duraMMty, and tafceH the plscü of SC'jtxih Urnniitj. I'IIKÜS LOWER Til W I.VER. WOUK ALL WAI'KANTKD. Shop- Cor. of Detroit and Catherine Sts. ANN ARBOK, MICHIGAN. 915tf MA1ÍAMK OI.nnAN'H EXCELSIOR HAIR WASH. ¦fc This Celebrated Artlole uUM I'nsycHW the trruaU-Ht reIVrKS Bf torativi. invitforatiiiK and dmtif S ¦¦ hjilinir qnslitiet" of any ar%J UVkSVKjBflST tn 'H' hnman tnmily. lt 5PÜ fÊT' c'1411""" tne llftlr ai'd cctlp, flK1 v2fl removen dandrntV, onlivcnt Mf-l M3L the rootp, loflene the h.-ür, BkBtji. produciiiii ji Instruí itppear9& " ancc and induci-M b InxiiriPatt March 30, 1880, antgrnwili. PbspiÚd by MADAME GOLDMAN, TOLEDO, OHIO. CEBTiriCATÏ OF ANAL7SIG : To whom it may concern: l have xfiminod Matïamk (1i)i,i)mn'n liut Wahii, and ilud it to onUin no inrudicnt thiit will prove hurtiul (o the hoir or ecalp. It Is in no sene of the word a halr dy;. Itt constituents aro well ciilcnlatcd to act bh nodativew and chrek that irrititlon or the Kruip that rcnultn in an lïxceHsive nccreiion of dundrufl', and an anuoyini: itchïng. s. II. DOÜOLAB. $100 REWARD ! FOK ANY CA9K CP CATARRH THAT CANNOT BB CÜKED WITU aneen gure. Thl í no hnnibnp. No ntisal douche. No snnff. Jothiut: to irrítate the Naaal eavity, or dt-stroy the Beoe of smcll. It an 1NTERNAL KHMKDY. ACTING Ul'o.N TUR BLOOD, cleanpinK it from itt mporitlea, cnutMijfr tbc purlform matter to be cafricd m throiiirh Um lUÉnraJ chanurln. It i a ncientiüc reparaüon, ued umi prescribed for yean by ouc of dr tblew practltlonen in this conntry.aml hai never faiU'd to care whun UBCd accordiní? tó direction. ir iny p4THon. jiIit tHkinjr Aoxffi ol IlaH's Caiarrh 'ure it not cuntí or h néfitfi :moru thuu four ÜQUi ta cosí, we will n-iiu d toe nxonèV puld. ir it iloet you soiirt, yon wiltin to paji ior it. If it doen no rood, lt co - yoa notbinir. Prit ¦ ¦;." centa per bottTe. Hld by al! 'lnu;::i-i-. Manufactiirfd hy F. J. CIIKNEY JfcCO., DruggisN, Toledo, OUo. Il vmir driiL'tiint does not keep lt in ntock, ank hlm o L'i't it !r vi mi, or wud direct to proiTiuioiH, and it vITI be promptly forwarded. Kor sale iu Aiiu Arbor hy II. J. BRÓWN & CO., 'is? 1001. Cor. ur Muiii and Huron St. All about IPVVAG s e n d c. ssjsr, 1 h A Ao of the CAZETTEER & CUIDE, wli.oli con. tstn full Information on all matter of lnterot rlt i ii K to t h " Lone 8t nr oud do w oorreot county mp of Texas, Ü6X26 Inohoo. JOHN ROSS & CO., GENI GENTS, ST. LOUIS.MO. ZACH.(SíAIDLm ÍDEHT3 WAHTEB. E. D. S. TYHR S CO., Drtrolt