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I TTTF, - HeadeE of this notice is invited to cali on us when visiting DETROIT. We promise a cordial wclcome and an attractivc display of rich and artistic warcs. M. S. SMITH 6 00.. Jewclcrs, Silversmiths, Wntchmakcrs, and Dealers in Gems, Corner of Woodward ud' Jefferson Avenues, [J3irParticular attention given to mail orders. 9T-1029 W. TREMÁIÑ O-ENEBAL Ill'ifi AllEf OFFICK AT A.A.TERRY'S HAT STORE ftortli HrllWli 'cc.).i (of London and TClnlmri{li,) opiui ti3,(mo,(xi, (W-t! Detroit and Kiirlnr lix. o C'ssh Ai-c-ts (C0OKI Sprlngllcld Iiih. (oini'}. oí BfMM ('HHh AiüK'U fl,S'Vl,(xm Ilowttrtl I n. ;,, of' Ncw Vrk, Ceb Axcetu ti IKKI.IIOO. i í iillural IiiNiiraiicc Conip'j WATKltTOWN, - NEW YOHK. 0h Assotí JUSttUXty Losscs Hbcially adjusted and prnniitly puid. DANDELION Dr. Whttc'B Danrtelion Altcralive, th' ;ri'at Blood I'uriihr and ttenovator. A ppicitic ror L ver Oomni. imt. BUfonAtwae, C'hillt aiid Kever, DyBjMpsUi KidiH-v DlseMe, BhumaÜeiq and UiDstipAlton o üic liowt'ls. lícmnvcp íiimptcf and mHownem fron wkiu, protluciní,' a clertr complexión, lt Ib pnrely vegetable, pcrfftctly btfrmtess and plnasant to tiikc. P&l l)oltic ouly $1, and every bottle wamuted, PULMONAKIA,"cu';.f lor CoatiSi i'oldc, Aeihmn, Hrcnchitis, üroup Wtionpiíi Gough and Inciplunt CooBanplion. PHt.i ceDtfi per ixHtle. Lare bottlort SI, and rvery hotil warranteü. Por pal e iu Aun Arbor by KtMrbach A Son, and drugEite everywhere. 959-101U UnacrupuInuH partie ure fiilsety representtng to CDQmmen thia thy are selliug shirts Of mr mai i u factu re . Mblrl ln4le to Order by n benr staini m Mli lul. on lokc, lliu; f " lCINaNNATI,J OnrRnul.THiuIr NlilrUi boar ¦tiimp nilii Iudpllble Ink on Yokr, tliua: All Othorsare Falsely Reprecentod. WILSON BROS. Importing and Jobbing Men's Furnishers980-903 i, ; i BBtm iiw mi' I MttMB MACHINIST. DOES ANY WOKK IS HI8 LIME. fingiDee, Agrícultural Machinrv, Rewing Machine! nd Locks repalred. TurntnR. Key-ttini; nmi grinding promptly done. Kceps a trund laaonmsql "I Cutlory, tocka and Tools, whlch will be cold cBep. No. 36 South Main Street, A.NN ARBOK. 93X-!9 T INSEY & SPLVBOLT'S BAKERY,GROCERT ANIV - FLOUR AND FEED STORE. We keep conftnnüy t, Inuid. BRKAD, CRACKKRS,: Q&&&ifflÍQ., FOR WHOLR8AIJI ANO RETAÍCi'r(iAa. We 8hall No keep h e;ipply ( 8WIKT 4 DRVtiKU BJWT WKITB , PLODH, DKUUI KWlllI, UYB KM" K, At w)ioK'.il' umi rt-tJlll. A p.nt:.i v A 0' GROCKMf KS A1MI IRí VtMO conotantly oti hand, wtiirh will he noU on nrableterme a n any othtir iu i ht ' t - . Caso paid for Bntter, EtKx, nnd Coantñ Prndnc íenerally. MUood(i dellTcrod to any pnrt 01 ti" ¦ ity wlt! out eitra charircyr HINSSÏ i SKA.ÜOLT. llf ilITm ACENTS TO SELL TEA, ff 11 I U ''""HTH IIIM KIT1L nuil,! l,r, """' -¦ iv.,,,1,. r..i ,,,, : T OGS WANTKÜ. 1 w.111 pny, t Üic Ann Arlx.r ntc-ara pw mili, Tur White orSwnrop Ouk Ijr, Irom ... s tu ;ii ,,,.r ,M J4od Uak llutt lip, Bound 7 per M AkIi li) 14 i„r M Whitewood ni ii per II BaeBwood s in pet M gOff" ; lr H Hard Maple t% por M Wnhnn -a, io per M l""'in'"t 10 I'i p.rM Ked hlm io parJi Will l,ny lo(.-! within íiur rallón of mi mil], if desired, and drnw th;m. nwn loen to wll are rqneted lo cali and cü ra' as bouii hh poMlliIef Nov. 4, 1H7Ü. J. T. HAI.UK'K. fl.j!)ll PJOAX! COAL! O. W. SHIPMAN, Mlni-r and Wholesale dculcr of the colchraU-d BRIAR RIDGE C0AL. AL8O- )ealcr Ín nard C'oal and PIk lron. "rders promptly flllud. OBlce, 1 Orinwold loreut, Dttrolt, riK.m 3. A M' KIND8 OFBLANKiT" rUINTin OM 8HORT NOTIO AT lili: COUBIEB JOJt U0UMS.