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The Other Fellows

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Th.' lemoorate in their convention at ('moinnati ycsterdsy, nouiinated aa their candidate for President of the United States, Maj. den. Winfield Soott Hancock, of 1 Vniifjlvania, the final vote standiDg IlanCOOfc 706, Tilden 1, Bayard 2, and Ilcml). (icn. Hancock, likc Gen. Garficld, siTvcii duricf! Uio war on the Union sido. [Ie is mb wlio bas had a terrible telling lor the nominution ever sinoe lic uame into prnttrinenco, and aside from lus is a protty l'air man, coasidering the tiuibgr the conon liad to si-lcct from. Wbilo he la ïmi a repreïontative of' tho mttobinery of tho party or of the southorn dement, lic has liitlc to rooommood bim for the position IOV0 his honorable military ncord, and .si.ands lar lielow his opposest, Oeo. Qtc field, in point ofbilitynd stataeraanship. He wili orèato little enthoaiasiB in the rank and lile of LU party, upon the most of wnnm bis candidaey feil like a wet blankct. The ropnbtioH party is Mttsëed with tlin oominatioD, and eau stand it mncli better iiian cao tüe ilemoorats, the most of whom arii not in syiupatliy with liis record. A man ly tin; name of KnuliiOi fioui Iniliana, was oominatcd for ñae-prerident. Further than ibi, it is impoaeible (o find out wlio he is or what bil name. It M ;:i.l ol'him tbat he was at OM titnr duriiiK the war a luember of OODgresa, and also that he was a promioent member of the Knights of' tho Golden Circle, wbioh rebel Of gaoizatioo ñoorübed among tlie indiana home Uaiton to a oonsideraWe eztent, in thal state. Hut wc do not vonoJi Por the trui li of either story.