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CIuhIiix OpeulOK of ,'IalU. Mul i leavlng Ann Artior, Kast and West, wlll close as tollow: ooi wo wkst. Wav Muil ": ulrbrousb aud Way Mail 10:50 a. ui. aud 4:50 p. m. v iy Bal] Iwtween Anu Arbor and Jacksou = m.Tileago and beyond i: n. OOINU KAST. actroit nouch 8:30 a. m. fUrough aud Way Mali 10:26 a. in., 4:50 p. m. KasltTu Mail dlHtrlbuted at 8 and 10 a. n., 12 'm. :uid 'i:ati f. " WwOru Mali dUtrlbuted at 8:30 p. in. ClilOHC" Mali distrlbuted at 8 a. m. lackKon Mali and Way Mail between Jat-kionanil Aun Arbor dttribuUl at 11 a. m. Mali by Toledo Rnilroad close at 11:1(1 a. m. Toiod.i lüiilrciad Muil hstrlluted atftuo . in. exoept tJaturday evi-nliu, wliou it 1 dlstrlbui,,l lliie tlioortloe close. The mail to Whltmoro Lake, Webster and HrlKlit" lenves TuesdayH, ThursdayB and Sutir.Uvs al a. m., and 1b n-iotvixl from these pUM M..mlay Wlnday and day ' louro'clock i. ni. CHAS. O. CLAKK, r. M. Travelera' Gulde. Tralns arrlve aud depart from the Michigan Oantral Dpot Ui thin city as follows : THAIN.1 BAST. ilaiitlKxpreu i.05 a. m. N mbl KxprisH .16 a. m. hu'KKOii AocoiniiKHiatlon a. in. Uraudltapldii Kxprw 1U.K a. m. I mi KxpreBH S.1U n. ÏÏ&l S.JWp.m. TKAINS WiSI, uil 8.a.m. lay kxpriw 11.110 a.m. Urami lUnid Exprawi 5.2u p. ra. jncksim Kxpross ..3o p. m. ttvunlug Kxpres . p. m. l'iclilc Expres 11. Al y. ui. 11 traiiiH are run by. Chicago time. whlch U Hitu minutes slower thun Anu Arbor time. Krirnl of The l'onrier, who have i.ii-iniHN ut the I'robnte ('oiirt, wlll ,[,lf rciim wt .linlf llni ilniHu tu i.n.l ilii-lr l'rinlliiit to thlH ofllt-o.