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Jolmson's Natural I1Mi . This great work is having an extensivo sale. 70 copies wcro ordcred in Hillsdalo, 1G0 in Jackson, 75 in Ypsilanti, and over GO havo already boen taken herc. We shall give home opinions upon its merits next weck, lll-Edged Butter. There is always an active demand for butter that is up to the gilt-edged standard in quality and color. Much butter tliat il otherwise good sella at a reduction of' from three to five cents per pound, because deficiënt in color. Dairymen Bhould then use Wells, liichardson & Co's Perfected Butter Color to give a bright June color. This color is by far the brightest, purest and best made. Water Is Free. That's so, but in most patent medicines you pay for it at the rate of a dollar a pint. Kidney-Wort is a dry compound and one paekage is enough to make six quarts of medicine without addition of any poisonous liquors. It is pature's remedy for Kidney Diseases, Liver Complaint and Piles, for it is diuretic and cathartic, tonic, and hcaling. Buy it. ('im-ho-Quiuinc. Physici.ins say this new agent of Peruvian Bark is a perfect substituto for the Sulphatu Quininc, and that its action is preferable, as it can be used in same doses where Quinine is indicated, and ncver causes the disagrceable efifects of the latter upon the head and stumach. Druggists sell it at $1.50 per ounce, or sent, postage paid, on receipt of price by Billinus, & Co. , Boston, Mass. Efcry 1 ii valid a Drugglst. By buying the new and popular medicine, Kidney-Wort, you get in each package enough of the dry compound to mako six quarts of medicine, thus saying doublé the money which is usually paid for medicine, prepared on liquid. It is a specific cure for Kidney and Liver diseases.