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Garfield's Farm-house

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Corroíiondütice of the Cleveland Leader. OiK.YToR, O., .Hay 25.- UCD. (.urn new house at this place has Ijern built alnuist cntireiy from plan in tlie hoal f Mrs. GarfieJd. Blackburn, as requested, drew a slighi sketch, and Mr. (Jartícld filled it out, the general nutrlcini; in various directions witb oold strokes of' the pen. When the ideas of' the wife of the distinguislicd uillUWMlIHIl had been put on paper, General Gartield wrote the following undorneath as a gentle hint to the : "These plans must stand as above, unless othurwito ordercd bereafter. If auy pau t tlniin is iinpraotioablo, inforin me soon md suggest cUange. J A. GAKKIELD. Washington, March 6, 1SSO." The Garfield farm-house cannotbe called grand in any sense of the word, but will be a pleasant, very oonvenient couütry house, superior to the majority algnp this section of the ridge road. It ia of the (othie style of architecture, mingling, Imw.ver, with other styles so as to form what tho contractor terms a "mixture." A rooiuy porch extends along the front part of tot .sido towanis Cleveland, afïording opportunitU's for enjoyment in tho fresh air and out of the way of the heat of the sun. Luttice-work has been arranged in front for training vines, as at Dr. J. 1'. llobison's house, a half uiile west. Sixty l'eet front by fifty deep is the size, and the stnmture is two stories :ind OUB half high. The apartinents are all rooiny tbr a country house, and the hallways attract attention tho firtt thing on entering. General Garfield has uiarked that seotion of the plan wliure the pantry is loeated " plonty of shelves and drawers," and in the rear part pf the second floor ia written " Snuggery for General." The last mentioned room is ratber snjall, measuring only thiriecn and one hall' by fourteen fect. It is to be fitted up with book shelves, Imt Garfiild will stiU continue to use as his library the dtla 'hel building atected u year or two sinco in tbc yard northeast of the house. Two ot' llie bost apartinents in the eastern Hiid Iront part uï the edifico are being ospecially litted up for the oeuupnncy of Mis. Gïirfiild. the mothor of the general. I li' front toom has a lartT. ild fiishione J fire place, and the pains boing taken to inake everjtbina comfurtable hcre, plainly showa tho tender fcelings that General Garfield barx towardi hor who gave hiuj birth. Dr. Robl-on noticed me aduiiring tbis roem and said : "Tlio general thiuks everything üf his tuother. Vcm kDow he chopped me hundred cords of wood Once for $25 and took the money home to.har." There are very few of the timbers of tho old house, over whieh the pi-w has been OODStrooted, visible at this time, and Dr. Uobison thinks there will be none in sight wliea the carpeta are put down. The cost of the strtict'ire will bc when finishcd but bctween $3,.r00 and $4,000, which will be remarkubly slight, when the expense of securink' such workiuen as were wantod so far froui the city is considered.