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"old Si" Has Trouble With The Census Man

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OM Si caiuo in rather lato yesterday, looking sorocwhat fatigued. Aftcr a minute. Me Faid : " 1íh am er niighty curus juTsedin' dosc men kerryin' on 'round lijar wid dése fortIblyos." ' Do you mean the census talccrs?" " I bleeve dat ar' de nam doy goos by." " What have they been doing now ? ' " W'y, dey's been down dar in my naborliood jess stirrin' up more 'rath dan all de parsons inside de korpraahun kin put down in er munth." " That ia unfortunate. Have they visited you yct?" " Dat's what makes me so behin time ter day. One of dem came down ter my house dis mo'nin' an' tap on de gato ; 1 axcd him what's du matter, and ho sayshe done ouui ter taku mv aenaus ; an' he bain't no mo'n got hit out dan I said ter jess go 'way from dar 'kase dar wan't no bizness in dat shanty fer enny drummers from de loonytiok 'sylums." " What did he say ?" "He say dat ef I fools wid de sensus ríe done gwine ter put de law ter me ; an' den he 'splained de law. Den I seed hit was all rite an' I axed him in." " How did you get along then?" " We got 'long purty well untell hecum ter de colyum whar de chillen are sot down ; den he says ter me what am do cullah ob my c.hillun? 1 say, ' looke hoar, you jess figger on what de law 'lows an' doan cum rgun' hyar axin' 'sultin' rjucsbins like dat !' ITe say dat he got ter put down whether dey is black or merlatter' - an' den ole harrycane broke I" "How wa-s that ?" " De ole 'ooman w-s lissenen an' when she heah dat she upset de tablo whar de fortfolyo was Kin' an' emptied de starch bowl all ober de returns an' 'gin to holler 'Htüih Tiger,' je-s like de forty theeves doue break into du house! Dcsonsus man hc grabb'd up his dockyments an' made for de fence, an' twixt heldin' de old 'ooman wid one han' an' de Tige wid de odder 1 got mos' tuckered out." " Where did the census man go?" " Do las' T f eed ob him he was upon top ob er box hyar by de Ar' Line shop dryin' out de returns ob de districk on de tin roof I ' ' ',And how did you get the old lady quieted ?" " Sheain'tquiet yit. I jesshad termake my 'scrape, too, kase she was gwine fer me fer lettin' de man in, and she say dat ef de United States wantn to know de cullah ob de chiltun she are boun 'tor rite hit on de eye obcbery numerashunerdcy sendsprowlin' 'round her camp-groun' I She'ser vig'rous 'ooman, too, fer er bo'n fack." And the old man got up to go to tho ou pervisor and explain matters.


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