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Got Their Clothes Mixed

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Mark Twain, in his new book, called Tramps Abroad, tclls how a party of tourists got wet, and what thc-y did when they caiue back to the hotel : " We stripped aud went to bed, and sent our clothes down to be baked. All the lorde of soaked tourists did the same. That chaos of olothing got mixed in the kitehen, and thcre were consequences. I did not get the sauie drawers that I sent down, when our things carne up at G:15 ; I got a pair on a new plan. They were merely a pair of white ruffle-cufFed absurdities,hitched together at the top with a narrow band, and they did not come quito down to my Itnecs. They were pretty enough, but they made me feel like two people, and disconnected at that. They man must have been an idot that got himself up like that, to rough it in the Swiss mountains. The shirt they brought mo was shorter than the drawers, and hadn'tany sleeves to it - at least it hadn't anything more than what Mr. Darwin would cali " rudiruentary " sleeves ; these had " edging " around thein, but the bosom was rediculously plain. The knit silk underskirt tbey brought me was on a new plan, and was rcally a sensiblo thing ; it opened behind, and had pockots in it to put your thoulder blades in ; but they did not seem to fit mine, and so I found it a sort of uncqmfortable garment. They gave my bobtail coat to somebody else, and sent me an ulster suitable for a giraffe. I had to tie my collar on, because there was no button behind on that foolish little shirt which I described a little while ago. When I was dreesed for dinner at 6:30, I was too loóse in sonic places and too tight in others, and altogether I feit sloven and ill conditioned. However the people at the table d'hote were no bettcr on than I waa ; they had evcrybody's clothes on but U own. A long stranger reco;;f J uls u'ser as soou as üe saw the tail of it follow me in, but nobody claimed my shirt or my drawers, though I described thein as wcll as I was able. I gave them to the chamberniaid that nigbt wben 1 went to bed, and sho probably found the owner, for my own things wqrc on a chair outside my door in the morning. There was a lovablc English clergyman who did not get to tho table d'hote at all. His brceches had turncd up missing, and without any equivalent. lie said he was not more particular than other people, but hc had noticed that a clergyman at dinner without any broeches was almost sure toexcite remark.