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The Difference

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Wliat is the differonoo between a legal document and a cat? One has pauses at the end of it clsuses, and the other has dawses at the end of its patfi-eB. Whst is the differenee betweeai a pond soldier and a fashionablolady ? üno faces the powder, and the ot her powders the face. Wliat kind of fur did Kve wcar the first winter? Bare-skin. Why does the rain diminish the sizo of the statue in the park ? liecauso it boOOmes a statuette (statue wet). W hat animáis attach themselvcs to grape vinos.' Gray-apos (grapes). Wbat kind of animal coiues Trom hcavon? Raindoer (rain dc:ir). Whnt's the best dofinition of a juill? SomethinK taken f'rom the pinions of' one gooae to spread tho 'pinions of another. Why is it easy to anter an oll man's habitation ? Becausd liis j,i!i is broken and his ncks are few. Why have chiekens no heroafter? they have their necks twirled (next wotld) in tbis. Why is the strap of an omnibus like a man's eonseienee ? Because it isan inward check on the outward uian. Who is the noblcman iiii-uLioned iu the Bibto? Barren (Baron) Figtree. Wlm is the smallest man mcntioncd in tho Bible? (K)ne(imiah.


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